CN3031 Business Information Systems

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ASS096-2 Refugees, Displacement and the Politics of Migration

Group Work

You are required to form a group of THREE or FOUR students and inform your tutor of the names and student numbers of your group members. As you may not be able to move groups, make sure the people in your group have agreed to join in.


This coursework is intended to provide you with the opportunity to develop the following skills, which are relevant to your degree studies:

  1. Concept and Characteristics of Business Information System
  2. Analysis and Design of Business System
  3. Reflection on the use of Business applications
  4. Self and group evaluation
  5. Project management and Time management
  6. Production of a report
  7. Correct use of referencing a variety of sources
  8. Presentation skills

Task: Analysis of Information Systems: Case Study

Your task will be to investigate and analyse the Information System and Information Technology of ONE of the organizations listed below and to write a report of your findings (You may find some information in the text book and other sources).

  1. Amazon Business:
  2. Sainsbury Supermarket:
  3. Tesco business:
  4. Asda Store Limited:
  5. J.P.Morgan:
  6. Royal Bank of Scotland:
  7. Morrisons:
  8. Marks & Spencer:
  9. John Lewis Parternship:

The report should achieve the following objectives:


  1. Give a description of the organisation
  2. Describe the anatomy of your chosen Information System.
  3. Draw the IS infrastructure and the IT infrastructure.
  4. Describe the IS Business Environment of your chosen organization/Business, giving specific examples: Business functions, IS Business model, Operations, Support functions, Management and environment.
  5. Draw and give description of a simple DFD of its Payroll system.
  6. Give the organizational Structure of the organization (you need to search and refer to your textbook)


  1. Describe and comment on their outsourcing and their international connection/investment (Does your chosen organization have some operations which are not done internally, any link with operations abroad?)
  2. Give a frank evaluation of team work, time management, project management (you should talk about: how the group was formed, how you worked as a group, how you planed meetings, how you allocated workload, any issues and you solve problems, etc).


  1. Conclusion and evaluation of the project
  2. References/Bibliography (group work).

The submission of your report should be in the following order/sections:

  1. Front Page (above)
  2. Your students details
  3. Table of contents with page numbers
  4. Introduction of the report
  5. Group work report (a, b, c, d, e, f, i and j)
  6. Individual work (g and h)

The whole project report (in Microsoft Word format, max 3000 words, excluding references, appendices and pictures) will have to be submitted through Moodle (follow the link).

Each group submits ONE report, which includes a section of group work and a section of individual works of each member (with student numbers clearly mentioned at the beginning of each individual work).

The Evaluation/Conclusion on the whole project and the Reference/bibliography section, which must come at the end your report, are part the group work.


The formal assessment of this coursework is based on a combination of the group report and individual report.


1. Introduction of report 5% Relevance 5%

2. Group work. 45%

a) Description of the chosen organization 5%

b) Anatomy of Information System 10%

c) IS/IT Infrastructure. 5%

d) Business Environment 15%

e) DFD of Payroll system 5%

f) Organizational structure 5%

3. Individual work: 20%

g) Report on outsourcing/international investment 10%

h) Evaluation of group work only. 10%
4. Evaluation and Conclusion 15%
(i) Evaluation and Conclusion on whole project 15%
5. Reference/Bibliography 5%
(j) 5%
6. Written work (presentation) 10% Including (1) Front Page, (2) students details
(3)Table of contents with page numbers

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