Contemporary Issue in Accounting and Finance

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Business and Market in Global Environment- Market Report


Detection of Manipulations through Revenue Recognition by Multi-National Firms and their Prevention Measures.

Learning Outcome: Knowledge and Understanding tested in this assignment
·         Evaluate theoretical frameworks that underpin research in accounting and finance
·         Explore alternative research methodologies

Learning Outcome: Skills and Attributes tested in this assignment
·         Analyses the difference theoretical frameworks that underpin research and inform alternative research

·         Apply their advanced research skills to the field of Accounting and finance and reflect on the outcome

Feedback/Grading criteria for this assignment

Formative feedback can be accessed via your seminar tutor.  More details of how to access this will be included within Module News.

Grading criteria can be found in the programme handbook (Essay)

Introductory Brief for the Group Debate

You should produce an individual literature review which critically evaluates and synthesis alternative views on the contemporary issues identified within an area of your choice.  You also need to consider the validity of the research methodology used.  You will need to get approval from Emma Elkington ( before proceeding with your review.

You should inform Emma by 20th March at the latest of your proposed area. Please use the attached form to do so

Purpose of the assignment task
To demonstrate your ability to analyse academic research on a contemporary theme.

Specific Instructions
You have been asked to a produce a 2,000 word literature review in an essay format.  The essay must use a minimum of 15 academic sources (books, journal articles, research papers)

We would like you to use a three part structure

Part 1

Review of the literature on your chosen contemporary theme using at least 15 academic sources.  This should include a critical evaluation of the academic writing on your theme, not just a regurgitation of the theories and the issues raised.

Part 2

Select 3 of your journal articles and critique the research methods used.  You could compare and contrast them and consider if they are effective in providing convincing conclusions.

Part 3 – Conclusion

It is essential
·         You do not use headings and sub-headings: this is an essay.
·         To use at least 15 academic texts (journals and books)
·         To not use Wikipedia/Investopedia or rely on web-based materials (not including e-books or journals accessed this way)
·         To fully reference all you research materials using the Harvard Referencing system.  And include a full reference list.  You will be penalised if you miss references in text or in your reference list
·         To submit the essay in word format, Arial or Times New Roman font , pt 11
·         To use 1.5 line spacing

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