DATA4300 Data Security and Ethics

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Financial Institutions

Individual Report: Codes of Conduct for Individuals, Companies and Governments

PART A: Report (25 marks)
• You have been employed as a Data Ethics Officer by an industry board (professional body) wanting to create a code of conduct around using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to (a) develop new medicines or (b) make diagnoses, in order to inform best practice in the
healthcare industry.
• You are being asked to produce a framework for a code of conduct for a Medical board.
• You can choose either of the two applications above (new medicine development or diagnosis using AI), and let your lecturer know by Week 9.
• This company code of conduct framework will also address individual responsibility as well as recommended government oversight.
• Your framework will be presented in a report (a suggested structure is below).
Assessment Description
Here are some articles to get you started.
AI and new medicines

Robot doctors and AI in healthcare
General articles
Ethics of AI in Medicine
Address the following sections in your report.
PART A: Introduction (5 marks)
• Introduction to the use of AI in medicine as a whole and fears related to its use, e.g.
“Seventy-one percent of Americans surveyed by Gallup in early 2018 believe AI will eliminate more healthcare jobs than it creates.”
• Describe how AI is being used either to a) invent medicines or b) make diagnoses or act as doctors.
PART B: Data Ethics Issues (10 marks)
• Outline possible data security, privacy and ethical issues associated with the use of patient data in AI. For example, why it may not be a good thing as stated in the quote below.

“It’s true that adding artificial intelligence to the mix will change the way patients interact with providers, providers interact with technology, and everyone interacts with data. And that isn’t always a good thing.”
PART C: Applicable Principles (8 marks)
• Outline theoretical and legal principles which are relevant to the data issues identified.
Afterall, if the algorithm gets it wrong who is to blame?
PART D: References and structure (2 Marks)
• Include a minimum of five references
• Use the Harvard referencing style
• Use appropriate headings and paragraphs
You will be given a maximum of two marks for this section
PART B: Video (15 marks)
Make a 10 minute video explaining the following,
a) The process you went through to prepare your report. What steps did you take? (2 Marks)
b) What part of the report did you found most difficult? (1 Mark)
c) Recommended Code of Conduct (7 Marks)
o Set out a recommended framework for a code of conduct to be followed within the healthcare industry in relation to the use of AI.
o Justify why/if the healthcare industry needs to go beyond current legal guidelines
d) Recommendations for Industry Best Practice (5 Marks)
 Set out briefly what individuals within the industry need to do to use the technology responsibly
 Briefly recommend what governments need to do in this space over the coming 5-10 years


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