EB3803/BI3001 – Assessment One – Individual Report

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EB3803/BI3001 – Assessment One - Individual Report

Executive Brief:

As a student of International Business Management, you have been invited to write a report for Conor Daunt the Commercial Director at Dewlay Cheesemakers (http://www.dewlay.com/ ). Conor is looking at new overseas  markets (or expanding current markets) to sell the cheese products in. You need to find this market and make  strategic recommendations on how to make a success in that market.

Background to the brand:

“Dewlay Cheesemakers was founded in 1957 by George Kenyon and since then has earned a reputation for producing the very best Lancashire cheese. George passed the reins over to his son Neil who moved the dairy to its current location on the outskirts of the market town of Garstang Lancashire. Today the dairy is owned and managed by 3rd
Generation cheesemakers Nick & Richard Kenyon, who continue to follow the Lancashire cheesemaking methods used by their grandfather and father before them.” http://www.dewlay.com/about-lancashire-cheese

You need to carry out the following tasks in order to complete the assignment:

  • Carry out an analysis of the current competitors
  • Carry out in-depth research into potential global market/s (chose a country or countries) for these products
  • Devise a strategy you would recommend for them to follow in order to get the product into your recommended market/s

Conor has left the brief fairly open, as he wants to see if you can show entrepreneurial flair, but think carefully about the financial costs involved; BE REALISTIC!


Here is a list (although not exhaustive) of theories/models that may be useful for this report (you do not need to use all of them):

  • SWOT analysis
  • PESTLE analysis
  • Porter’s Diamond
  • Hofstede’s Five Cultural Dimensions
  • Value Chain
  • Porter’s Five Forces
  • Porter’s Generic Strategies
  • Product Life Cycle
  • Branding
  • Competitive advantage
  • Customer focus
  • International marketing
  • Market research
  • Market share
  • Marketing mix
  • And/or any other theories/models that you feel may be relevant

Suggested Report Layout and Guidance

1. Title Page

Indicate in the title exactly what the report is about and who it is prepared for.
Module code, course, your name, tutor name, and date need to be added.

2. Table of Contents

Here you need to list all the main sections in sequence. Make sure you indicate which item appears on which page. A separate section titled ‘List of Illustrations’ should be used if you have placed graphs, charts, etc. in the report.

3. Executive Summary (100 words)

This section should comprise of a brief overview (a paragraph or two) of the report. You need a short explanation of the task (terms of reference), the research methods used, conclusions (the key opportunities identified) and your recommendations.

It needs to be concise, and sections should not be copied and pasted from the report.

4. Identification and Analysis of Key Opportunities (900 words)

In this section you should identify all the major opportunities showing you have used analytical tools e.g. PEST, SWOT, 5 forces, etc.

However, you may need to put most of the actual models (e.g. PEST, 5 forces) in the appendices. Each opportunity should be linked to relevant theory and also to actual evidence from the interviews and other research materials you have discovered.

You need to show how you have used the tools.

As an example, in a past assessment we focused on an Internet portal company, here is an extract that helps explain what we mean by identification and analysis.

Remember you MUST integrate theory and reference all external sources used to support
your analysis.


You may identify a number of opportunities – too many to actually discuss in the number of words allowed. It is important therefore to make it very clear which are the major two or three opportunities or key opportunities that must be implemented first (e.g. enter the UK market as a franchise, along with expanding in Spain). Some may identify short, medium, long term opportunities, for example.

Each alternative opportunity should be briefly outlined and then evaluated in terms of its advantages and disadvantages (strong and weak points).

Practical solutions to the opportunities are required.

5. Recommendations and Implementation (relates to strategy) (500 words)

This section explains how to undertake the key opportunity.

You should briefly justify your choice, explaining how they should implement the major opportunities identified in Section 4.

In this section you should specifically explain how you will implement the recommended solutions.

Remember if a recommended solution cannot be realistically implemented then it is no solution at all (think cost!).

6. Appendices (if any) e.g Full SWOT, PEST etc.

7. References

This will contain an alphabetical list of all the references you have cited in the body of the report. Do not include details of any sources you have not cited. Ensure the style used is correct and consistent with the Harvard Referencing System.

Remember LAST name first!

Report Requirements
Length: Not more than 1, 500 words plus appendices

Deadline: Monday, noon, 16th January

Handing in the assignment
You will need to provide an electronic copy only.

1. Login to eLearn using your ID and password
2. Find EB3803 (BI3001) link
3. Click on the link Assignment 1 Report
4. Submit one copy of your Report

Criteria for the Report:
You will be assessed on:

content: quality, appropriacy, accuracy and detail of analysis
language: use of Business language
presentation: style, layout etc. appropriate for a business report

Mark bands are based on the following criteria:
Content: the report should be a convincing document appropriate to the context of International Management in a multicultural setting. Students must demonstrate that they have carried out a thorough analysis and reported on the particular areas of management strategy, structure and systems using appropriate analytical tools and management related frameworks with practical observations and recommendations in a ‘business-like’ manner.

Business Language, Lexis & Grammar: Business language should be clear, relatively formal, factual & informative, register appropriate to purpose, style and content and demonstrate an understanding of the terms and concepts. Evidence of control of tenses, word order, subject-verb agreement, cohesive devices and use of appropriate
parts of speech (e.g. nouns vs. adjectives) will be taken into consideration.

Presentation: The report should be appropriate to the context i.e. an analytical, informative, accurate and professional account. Writing conventions for business reports should be followed, e.g. executive summary, clearly numbered sections with headings and subheadings. Reports must be word-processed and should look like a  convincing professional document.

Font size should be 12-point; margins at least 2.5 cm and line spacing 1.5-2.

Every assignment must be clearly identified.

The following details must be on the front of the assignment: name, student ID, assignment title, module code/title, tutor’s name, date of submission.

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