EB3991 Research Methods for International Business Communication

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FLM020N248S - Audiences and Spectatorship Project


A bound complete hard copy (totalling 2500 words) to include in the sections above.You are to upload this via Turnitin also.

  • Research Methodology Chapter to include the following: Research questions
  • Discuss a justification of your research approach and why it is appropriate for the topic research questions (quantitative –objective-
    deductive-explains data or qualitative-subjective-inductive understands/interprets data or mixed and why most appropriate for this
    topic/study- referring to various authors on research methods opinions- do not discuss lit review in this section-Also discuss different criteria for evaluation and judgement of approach and strategy chosen either validity/reliability and generalisability-Creswell (2009), Quinlan (2011) Bryman and Bell (2007) OR Trustworthiness-credibility, dependability, transferability and confirmability -Lincoln and Guba (1985) Silverman (2013)-authenticity, honesty
  • Design of research tools (e.g. focus group/survey/questionnaire/interview(Kvale 2008) and type/observation-referring to various authors)
  • Piloting research tools (how this is done to resolve any mistakes before going live)
  • Sampling (why did you choose the study population-size, gender, age, nationality)
  • Any ethical issues (researcher identity, bias, respondent confidentiality and anonymity…)
  • Problems and/or limitations of this study (time, access, opportunity, lack of resources)
  • Data collection process (a description)
  • A short conclusion (Did your choice of research approach and strategy together with methods/tools help to answer your research question. Is there a ‘fit’? or could it have been done better. How rigorous is this study and does it demonstrate good scholarship? (Grix 2002))

Background information for your assignment:

  • Ensure you have included all the key components in the correct order
  • Check your tabulation and appearance of your work
  • Check your English grammar again and again before submission
  • Proof read your work for content, structure and flow
  • Ensure that your referencing and sourcing are faultless and that they correspond fully to your bibliography. Do not confuse authors’
    surnames with their first names.
  • Bibliography must be full and, well organised alphabetically, according to the Harvard Referencing standard.
  • Submit a hard bound copy to your module tutor and upload an electronic copy via Turnitin

Performance Criteria.

  • You should report your results in a logical and coherent way, illustrating with tables, graphs, and diagrams, quotations from
    interview transcripts or whatever is appropriate to your particular study. You should aim to clearly communicate your key findings to your reader.
  • You should discuss your results in the context of your literature review, showing where your findings agree, disagree, or add to
    what has already been written about your topic.
  • You should present your Results and Discussion in an appropriate format
  • You should demonstrate high quality analysis of your data and of how your results fit with what has already been written about the
  • Communicate your conclusions clearly and summarise all the key points discovered through your secondary/primary research
  • You should demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively in the English language.
  • You should carefully reference your work (particularly the Discussion section) using the Harvard referencing system. Include
    your References and Bibliography.
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