ENRP20001 Engineering Research Project Planning

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ENRP20001 / Lec 5 / Wk 5 /

Topic: Methodology Writing Technique

Lecturer & Coordinator: Dr A Mazid

Thesis content (Followings are the major ones but not limited within these):

ENRP20001 Engineering Research Project Planning

  1. Title page (we discussed it earlier)
  2. Abstract / Executive Summary
  3. Keywords / just only wording – no more than five (5) that identifies your research amongst the
  4. Acknowledgement (If applicable)
  5. Introduction and Background
    Brief what about the research, what are available, what is the context of research, background and significances, what is the gap, how your research will fill that gap, etc….
    (Then you will be able to state the objectives of your research)
  6. Goals and Objectives
    Clearly in simple words understandable for general mass of population / in one or two sentences…
  7. Benefits
    Progressing science and technology, any industry, partners/stockholders/patrons
  8. Literature Review
    What people have done in this area of research (theory, formula, hypothesis, techniques, methodology, etc….), describe in brief and draw comments, how these are good or bad, enhance your knowledge out of their contributions, adopt their knowledge for enhancing yours,                  narrate their contributions with references,……… correlate your works making differences (positive/negative…)
  9. Theoretical Background / Theory Development
    Review of existing (most relevant) theories and models
    Mathematical Modelling / we had a good discussion on these in earlier weeks, please revisit…)
  10. Experimental Methodology
    Provide a brief introduction, then go as….
    a). Tools Required / list down what tools you need to accomplish your research
    b). Design of Experiments / sketches, drawings (2D, 3D), assembly drawings, exploded view of assembly drawing, pictures …..Simulation (if you using) diagram, data, …label them always, then describe in your own words…..do not forget to reference if applicable…
    c). Procedure/Method of Experiments / describe step by step how did you performed the experiments, recorded data, what difficulties you faced and how did you overcome them, …. Make sure that other researchers can redo the same experiments following your description…
    Make your knowledge belong to others, then it will belong to you”….a Russian authours unnamed.
    d). Algorithm / Flowchart of experiments
    Algorithms or flow charts in diagrammatic forms helps readers to intercept your works quickly! (Examples available….in published papers/thesis)
  11. Experimental Results and Discussion
    Provide a brief introduction, then go as….
    a). Tabular Form
    b). Graphical Form
    c). Simulated Results
    d). Discussion and Comments
    Discus the output obtained, advantages/disadvantages, make comments on outputs, as well state how it could be improved……..
  12. Conclusion and Future Works
    State your conclusion of your own contribution, what is the contribution in  scientific sense, … contributions may be numbered or stated in stanzas.
  13. List of References / Follow Harvard Technique
    (Last name/s of authour/s, year published…I am hoping there will be a lecture session provided by ALC)
  14. Appendix  (If applicable)
    (Written programs, coding, massive figures and drawings, data,…………….. etc.
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