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Assessment Task - Video Essay

1. Clarification on Applying IDEALS.

Firstly, the key issues (including what, when, who, why and how) leading to Bellamy's (BAL) poor performance must be established in the "Define the relevant information".  Relevant facts about BAL that clarify the key issues must be substantiated.

Secondly, under the "Enumerate the options", you have to select and outline the relevance of at least 3 ASX CGC's Corporate Governance Principles at the Recommendations level (as the most plausible solutions to the key issues) to possibly turn around BAL.

To develop depth for "Assess and make preliminary decisions",  it is expected that you need to discuss the effectiveness of these most plausible solutions to the key issues at the Recommendations (X.X) level and not just at the Principles X level.  Your arguments must be logical, substantiated by research, and properly structured.  Each argument must comprise a claim, backed up by data (critique and not a criticism) and a warrant.

For further details, refer to the "Using the IDEALS framework for your 2000 word essay" and other related document found under Session 2 tab.  Ultimately, you have to "outline how might a better application of the third edition of ASX Corporate Governance Principles could possibly turnaround the poor performance of Bellamy's Australia Limited."

2.  Level of Required Research 

You will at least have to read and understand in detail both ASX CGC's Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (3rd edition – 2014) and BAL's Corporate Governance Statement (including Appendix 4G).  You cannot make claims without using research evidence to back up. The essay requires substantial research efforts and the ability to apply the research findings in your arguments.  Peer-reviewed journal articles such as Christensen et. al. (2010) that discuss the effectiveness of corporate governance mechanisms at the Recommendations X.X level would be most useful.

3.  Building blocks of the Essay 

As expounded in Week 2 resources, a good essay is a main argument followed by sub-arguments.  As long as there is an argument presented, there will be a claim, data, and warrant.  Arguments can be found throughout the essay; primarily in E, A, L and S although some arguments would be more concise. Arguments should also be in the context of the relevant BAL case facts.

4.  Marking rubric 

The criteria in the Marking Rubric is not equally weighted.  Knowledge and Argument will have higher weights but any of the "fail" in any criteria will result in an overall fail grade.

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