Global Context – Assignment One (Individual)

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MN4062 - Principles of Management

Each semester thousands of International students arrive in Melbourne to further their studies. These exciting experiences come with their own challenges. Chose ONE of these issues and present a solution based on the 7R framework. You are writing this from the perspective of an international student.

  1. How do I find good short-term student accommodation?
  2. How do I improve my English?
  3. How do I make local friends?
  4. How do I engage with the Australian community on a deep level?
  5. How do I improve my employability?

The Schamar 7R’s framework will be discussed in week two but you can start your research from week one by investigating the issue and brainstorming some solutions.

The 7R’s – How to produce ideas for prototyping innovation.

Relevance – Is the idea going to address the core needs/aspirations of the key stakeholders.

Revolutionary – Is the idea a game changer?

Rapid – Can it be done rapidly and fast?

Rough – Can the idea be done on a small scale, locally, and on a low budget?

Right – Is the idea focusing on the right issues that underpin the challenge?

Relationally Effective – Can it make optimum use of resources so that 2+2=5.

Replicable – If it works, does the idea have potential for scale-up?

You will need to be innovative with your answer. It is expected that you will identify which question you will address, present your solution and then justify your decision through the 7R’s, therefore, explaining why your idea is the best solution.

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