Health Assessment

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EXAMINATION PAPER Faculty of Business and Law

Student (Community – Registered Nurse): Use professional nursing communication with the patient to conduct a 15-minute health assessment interview taking into account the following:
• Introduction – nurse and patient
• Situation – reasons for assessment, allergies, and relevant personal details
• Background – health history, general health and psychosocial status
• Assessment – observations, nutrition/diet, exercise, lifestyle, health beliefs and values, and cultural/spiritual/religious practices

• Recommendation – confirm health assessment information and implications for well-being, recommend changes to manage and improve health and suggest timeframes for any plans

Note: You will have a maximum of 5 minutes at the completion of your nurse and patient interaction to finalise the written documentation from the interview findings and your progress notes for the patient in the health assessment nursing record. Assessor (Patient – Raymond Nguyen): You are cooperative, alert and orientated. You are willing to provide all the requested information. You like to ask general questions of the nurse related to the health assessment and like to know your observations and if they are within normal limits. You are open to discussing ways to improve your health through possible changes to your diet, exercise, daily habits, and lifestyle choices.

Assessment 3: Health Assessment 

Professional Communication in Nursing 2018: History for Nurse and Patient Interaction – health assessment

STUDENT(General Practitioner’s Office – REGISTERED NURSE)

Scenario 1: Patient- Raymond Nguyen

Raymond Nguyen has come to see a Registered Nurse at his General Practitioner’s Office for a health assessment. Raymond is not very active and has a stressful lifestyle with work and caring for his daughter’s children. He has some minor health problems and wants to improve his health through regular exercise, eating well and making positive changes to his lifestyle.

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