Health Essay

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Health Essay

Outline for a Six Paragraph Essay


  • General statement introducing the topic: Outline the causes of ethical issues experienced by students and health professionals in the New Zealand healthcare system. Discuss the sustainability of providing healthcare services under the current level of funding by the Ministry of Health.
  • Use some of the main findings from the research presented in the journal article “Nursing students’ experiences of ethical issues in clinical practice: A New Zealand study” to introduce the topic.
  • Thesis statement containing the four main ideas
  • Main ideas relating to the first part of the essay topic could come from the journal article Discussion or Conclusion. Main ideas for the second part of the essay topic could come from using the key words to do a search in Google Scholar limited to last two years in New Zealand.
  • Scope of the essay
  • How the writer intends to answer the question using the instruction words “outline” and “discuss” to explain scope.


  • Topic sentence contains first main idea
  • Supporting sentences provide examples and evidence from research
  • It is important to demonstrate the use of linked compound (two main clauses) and complex (one subordinate clause and one main clause) sentences to add variety.
  • It is a requirement to paraphrase more than quote using APA referencing in the text. Quotes should only be used for definitions or statistics ( no more than 10% quoted references)
  • Linking sentence to next paragraph

Repeat structure for second, third, and fourth main idea.


  • Restatement of main ideas and supporting evidence
  • Closing statement or final comment/ recommendation
  • Remember your intended audience would be your peers as health degree students or health professionals, so this is who the closing statement is written for.
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