Health Services Planning and Management Assignment

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GEOG-459 Energy Policy Brief

Assignment number and title Two: Poster and Presentation
Assignment type Individual Academic Poster Presentation
Weighting of assignment 60%
Size or length of assessment 1000 words and 10 minute presentation
Unit learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding
Critical understanding of health needs of a diverse population and a consideration of how wider socio-political and economic issues influence how health services are planned, resourced and organized effectively to address those needs.
2. Demonstrate the following skills and abilities
Evidence of good project management skills in planning, leading and delivering a health service strategy that is cost effective, timely and qualitative.

What am I required to do in this assignment?

  1. Students are required to design an academic poster (not a Power-point set of slides) on a specific existing national or international health service issue.
  2. Students are required to identify a health service where there is a gap in that service’s provision that results in unmet needs. This can be a statutory service or a non-Government service
  3. Students are encouraged to choose from any of the topics that have been explored in the unit in order to express what this unmet need is e.g. workforce challenge, leadership, funding, technological delivery etc.
  4. The task requires that students provide some justification for their choice of service and the unmet need, including research of other services that provide a similar service and how your project places you well in a competitive healthcare market.
  5. Students need to demonstrate knowledge of the use of tools and technology skills you will use to improve the service and mitigate the gap you have identified.
  6. Students must include methods or models taught in the unit and how you will use them to guide, implement and evaluate your proposed change.

You need to submit your poster electronically via BREO. The presentation should include a full list of references in accordance with the Harvard Referencing guidelines.

Students will be required to support the submission with a 10 minute presentation of the ideas underpinning their design and this will be followed by an opportunity for questions from the audience (from your peers and tutors); to which the student must respond. A schedule for the poster presentation sessions will be announced later in the unit and these will take place as advertised on BREO in the week immediately after the electronic submission of the academic poster.

Students are encouraged to discuss their proposed choices with your tutor prior to designing the poster.
The poster must incorporate the following:

  • Title of the poster
  • Introduction /Description of the existing health service issue/unmet needs.
  • Evidence of research identifying rationale for design (this may include what similar competitors may be doing)
  • Proposed plan for improvement (including methodology/models)
  • A plan for stakeholder involvement and dissemination
  • A brief evaluation strategy that will show how the new improved service is performing
  • Reference List: Not more than 10 references (of which 6 must be academic references and must include a reference to the core text).Sessions on poster design and samples of effective posters will be explored to support your submission.

What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)
To pass Assessment 2, the student will need to

  • Identify a gap in the current provision of a health service in relation to addressing a specific need.
  • Demonstrate the use of analytical tools and methodology when developing new or improving quality of  services.
  • Demonstrate the use of technology for gathering and analysis of data.
  • Identify the competitors and their activities which may have an impact on the new or improved services.
  • Establish how the new or improved services will be evaluated to understand the degree of success or need for change.
  • Demonstrate skills in designing and presenting an academic poster.
  • Your poster needs to be realistic and evidence based.
  • Include not more than 10 references of which 6 must be academic references including the core reading.

How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?
This section is to be left blank and completed by the students in an in-class Assessment Dialogue.
The assessment brief is discussed during an in-class session with students, explaining the assessment, the rubric and marking criteria. recording link – getting a good grade

How does this assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?
From Week Seven lectures will cover specific topics that are linked to your assignment
Each week seminars will include activities related to health services planning and management.
You will be expected to undertake reading of the core text and guided text.
You will be encouraged to undertake research as part of your learning activities on aspects that relate to the assignment.

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