Health Threats

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A201EXQ - Resilience and Community Development

Most young men and women in KSA have abnormal body mass index and abnormal blood pressure between the age of 20-25 years this results from lack of physical activity and ignorance of eating healthy, most young men unlike women smoke shisha or cigarettes. These behaviours should be reversed during this age bracket to reduce the burden of injuries and diseases in the future (Moradi- Lakeh, Bcheraoui, Tuffaha, et al 2016).

Occupational health

Nevertheless, young people’s health is vital to the future of the country hence proper measures should be taken or appropriate health education should be given to the youths. Health care promoters require major competencies to approach and manage development problems and health. Health promoters need appropriate skills, knowledge, and attitude to be able to work with young people. In addition, the health ministry should make sure the promoters gain these skills. In conclusion, measures to curb these diseases should be implemented in Saudi Arabia to help secure the future generation of our kingdom (Moradi- Lakeh, Bcheraoui, Tuffaha, et al 2016). youths are vital in society and they need to be watched carefully because the phase has a lot of challenges and requires resources and more attention to intervention. If health promoters work together to change this generation then there will be greater opportunities in the future and any positive curve means bright future well-being and health of the kingdom. Health education needs to strategize on focused youth programs for their health. Preventing bad health habits should come before all other activities for great future health and youth health.

Morbidity and Mortality Sample 2


Moradi-Lakeh, M., El Bcheraoui, C., Tuffaha, M. et al ((2016). The health of Saudi youths: current challenges and future opportunities. BMC Fam Pract 17, 26

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