HOTL5006 – Assessment 3

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-Add rows as needed based on number of projects.
-You don’t have to show all green performance you can mix it up.
-RAG stands for red amber green in terms of color. If your project performance was 91-100 in Q4 then its green, If it was 75-90 It would be amber, If it was below 75 then Red
-Show mix of performances and then based on your project information from last assignment you are going to do the next section
-Also note that percentages have to be cumulative. i.e each quarter adds onto next.
• Lessons Learned and Remedial Actions In this section you need to discuss your project performance. Where percentages were not met in each quarter come up with lessons learned and advise of remedial actions to fix the issue. Sometimes project stop performing when your resources are overloaded with unplanned tasks by management, or somebody quits and you are short of resources or you ran out of money because you planned budget but it was less etc
• Operations Performance Audit This is where I need you to pick two operational processes discussed in your  previous lecture and discuss why they may not be performing or could use improvement.
• Industry research About each of the above two operational areas.
• Lessons Learned and Remedial Actions How do you think we can improve based on industry research
• Action Register Here you can sumarise the actions from all above that you recommend. In below format.

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