IND150 – Text Analysis

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IND150 - Text Analysis

Length                                1000 words and 15 minute oral presentation

Learning Outcomes     Unit Outcomes 2,3,4

Task Description

In assessment 1 you completed a mind map of the process of colonisation. In assessment two you are to select an article written about the colonisation process that portrays the point of view of the coloniser. Your job is to reinterpret the text into a 1000 word document so that it is now written from the point of view of the colonised. Obviously, this is not to be done word for word but in a way that conveys the central messages.

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your knowledge of the opposing perspectives, and of the mechanism at play in the colonisation process. It should highlight a cause and effect element.

Then, you must present your work.


To prepare for this assignment you need to;

1. Know the mechanisms of colonisation.
2. Understand the chosen article and the impact of actions described.
3. Decide how this may be expressed from ‘the other’ perspective.
4. Think about how to effectively present your work.


The presentation for this is assessment may be a PowerPoint . As you will not be presenting this in a class environment your notes section needs to contain what you would say if you were giving this presentation orally. Use the appropriate referencing. APA is preferred.

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