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GEOG-459 Energy Policy Brief

The summative final reflective report will be 1000 words in length not including references and appendices or any other extraneous content. Students will support argumentation with concepts from material provided via unilearn and their own additional sources to address the learning objectives of the module:

Reflect on how the class material and debate topics expanded your understanding of leadership and followership and the process of ethical decision making

  1. Provide a critically reflective assessment of your learning from the formative and final debate preparations as well as from the debate process. Demonstrate how identifying, assessing, arguing, and rebutting the issues on both sides of your debate topic
    influenced your individual ethical learning. Include a statement of your individual position on the issue, how you support your position, and consideration of a valid counterargument.
  2. Provide a reflective assessment of your group ethical climate and a personal evaluation of group members’ contribution and engagement to preparing for and delivering the debate presentations in relation to your group code of ethics/accountability plan (see above). Include a critically evaluative discussion of your understanding of ethical leadership in a group and organizational environment.
  3. A “References” page listing all academic and business sources consulted using APA 6th ed. style referencing.

Expectations of Quality

  • You will use APA citation style demonstrating mastery. You will NOT plagiarize.
  • Additional sources will be vetted rigorously as reliable, credible mainstream or academic sources. For questions concerning how to choose a source, consult a librarian.
  • You will run a spell check and a grammar check on the papers AND conduct a CAREFUL PROOFREADING before submitting papers.
  • You will use the word count function to be sure you are close to the required number of words.
  • You will submit papers electronically via TurnItIn on UniLearn only.

Assessment Criteria

  • Relevance: comprehensiveness, addresses all required points, follows instructions
  • Impact: level of critical and transformative reflection, demonstrates critical thinking and learning
  • Presentation: clarity, use of current and relevant and reputable academic and business sources, structure (paper, paragraphs, sentences), mechanics (spelling, grammar, punctuation), style (citation, referencing, flow, language), neatness (but not fanciness).
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