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Posted on September 1, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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Assignment Two Strategic cyber intelligence offers senior leaders an accurate assessment of how to direct cyber-related expenses in line with an organisation’s risk holistic.

It should reduce the exposure of a business to regulatory or legal sanctions by giving prior warning to a cyber security event (thus allowing mitigation).

Strategic cyber intelligence should be broad and will target cyber intelligence related to the sector to which the organisation belongs and perhaps also includes complementary sectors. It should consider threats, vulnerabilities, potential impact, and available countermeasures.

In defining strategic cyber intelligence requirements, three sets of information can be analysed:

1. What information the senior leadership team needs to make strategic decisions.

2. What information about the potential adversary (or external environment) is needed.

3. What security posture is in place related to your organisation’s assets of value.

Your task: Explain the above three points in detail.

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