International Business

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International Business

Strategies for analysing and engaging with foreign markets

University of Wales 

Trinity Saint David


Programme: MBA Module Level: 7
Module: International Business Module code: SBLC7015

Contribution to Overall

Module Assessment (%):

100% Assignment No(s): 1 of 1
Assignment Title(s): Strategies for analysing and engaging with foreign markets.
Lecturer: Francis Piron Internal Verifier: Syed Abdul Kadir
Hand Out Date: 18/08/2017 Submission deadline:


Feedback deadline:




International Business

Referencing: In the main body of your submission you must give credit to authors on whose research your work is based. Append to your submission a reference list that indicates the books, articles, etc. that you have read or quoted in order to complete this assignment (e.g. for books: surname of author and initials,  year of publication, title of book, edition, publisher: place of publication).


Please include the following statement on the title page of the submitted assignment, followed by your name:    

I declare that this assignment is all my own work and that I have acknowledged all materials used from the published or unpublished works of other people. All references have been duly cited.


All assignments must be submitted to Turnitin unless otherwise instructed by the Lecturer.

Note: the Turnitin version is the primary submission and acts as a receipt for the student.  Late submission of the electronic version of the assignment will result in a late penalty mark.  Penalties for late submission: Up to oneweek late, maximum mark of 50%.  Over one week late, Refer.  Only the UWTSD Extenuating Circumstances Panel may grant an extension.



Learning Outcomes tested

(from module descriptor)

Assessment CriteriaTo achieve each outcome a student must demonstrate the ability to:



Critically analyse and evaluate the theories, concepts and contexts which frame the international institutional trade and multi-national investment environment including political, economic, social, technological and environmental  factors

·         Demonstrate a critical analysis of theories, concepts, tools and frameworks that underpin the process of analysing foreign markets prior to deciding those that are chosen for entry.

Analyse and critically evaluate the modes of engagement, key decision and strategy frameworks applied within international markets and the interconnectedness between these and the economic, legal, governmental, political, regulatory, cultural and other environments in which international companies operate;

·         A critical analysis of the opportunities and challenges presented to firms operating in an international business environment including the relevant management decision criteria to successfully exploit such opportunities and mitigate any potential risks.



Through the application of relevant international business tools and frameworks, this assignment requires students to analyse critically the process that companies go through in researching, entering and engaging with foreign markets.  Students should comment upon any potential practical, international or cross-cultural risks or opportunities involved.


You are required to;

  1. Select a business organisation of your choice that is already involved in a foreign market or is contemplating on entering a foreign market.
  2. The selected business organisation must be agreed with your lecturer
  3. Critically evaluate through the use of relevant business tools and frameworks the suitability of the foreign market selected.
  4. Analyse any actual or potential risks in the foreign market selected.
  5. Critically analyse the mode of entry utilised/or to be utilised by the chosen company to suitably realise the opportunities available and overcome the risks in the foreign market selected.
  6. Critically analyse relevant management responses that have been undertaken by the selected company to realise the opportunities offered in the market selected (including the management of its human resources; operational function; marketing and cross-cultural issues).
  7. Please suggest practical and justified recommendations about how the company selected can achieve/or could achieve competitive advantage in the market selected.
  8. Prepare an academic report using the structure below;
·         Title Page
·         Table of Contents
·         Executive summary-Not more than 200 words (does not count towards the overall word count)
·         Introduction
·         Literature review
·         Discussion and analysis
·         Conclusions
·         Recommendations
·         References
·         Bibliography
·         Appendix-use sparingly

Length Required 

3000 words +/- 10%.  Any deviation from this will be penalised.

Formatting and Layout

Please note the following when completing your written assignment:

  1. Writing: Written in English in an appropriate business/academic style
  2. Focus: Focus only on the tasks set in the assignment.
  3. Length: 3000 words
  4. Formatting: Typed on A4 paper in Times New Roman or Arial font 12 with at least 2.5 centimetre space at each edge, double spaced and pages numbered.
  5. Document format: Report (Please do not write in the first or second person).
  6. Ensure a clear title, course, and name or ID number is on a cover sheet and a bibliography using Harvard referencing throughout is also provided.
  7. Research: Research should use reliable and relevant sources of information e.g. academic books and journals that have been peer reviewed. The research should be extensive.

The use of a range of information sources is expected – academic books, peer reviewed journal articles, professional articles, press releases and newspaper articles, reliable statistics, company annual reports and other company information. All referencing should be in Harvard style.

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