International Financial Systems

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Individual assignment

This is an individual assignment of 3,000 words, excluding appendices reference list and bibliography. The word count MUST be shown on the front of the assignment.

There are THREE questions to be answered in this assignment. Each question shows the relative mark weighting:

· Question one: approximately 1,500 words; 50 Marks
· Question two: approximately 1,000 words; 30 Marks
· Question three: approximately 500 words; 20 Marks

All of the learning outcomes for the module are being assessed in this assignment. The learning outcomes are shown in the section entitled “Marking Guide”, which is further on in this document

The University’s policy on cheating collusion and plagiarism will be applied to this piece of work.

One printed copy of your assignment, together with a summary Turnitin report, should be submitted to the Assignment Submission desk


Students should approach this assignment as an academic essay, weighing the arguments for and against each issue, making comment on the literature and drawing logical conclusions. Referencing should form part of the assignment to demonstrate wider reading and to underpin the discussions, ensuring they have depth. Students are encouraged to be inquisitive and innovative in their approach as to what should be included in this report. The following may be of some use in providing guidance as to what could possibly be included, although this is in no way meant to be

The aim of the assignment is to help you understand the key areas of international financial concept using extracts, examples and approaches to financial reporting. This will include investigating topics from throughout the course linked to the above issues. Some of the principles, concepts and models will be more relevant to your chosen
approach than others and so it is likely that different students will formulate different approaches to the problems. This is normal, it is not expected that all of the course content will be used in the analysis, concentrate on that which you feel is most important.

As part of your work you might find it helpful to briefly explore the underlying theory behind the key areas of investigation that you identify before applying them to report. With a total of 3,000 words you do not have a lot of room for long introductions so assume you are writing to a sophisticated audience who has a working knowledge of
international financial reporting and is well versed in business theory. Please avoid relying too heavily on descriptive sections reproducing information available from course material or the set text. Further research and the use of current or recent literature are encouraged to further examples and add strength to the management accounting.


Topic one: Overall concept of international financial standard and reporting (All chapters covered in this course)
Topic two: Analysis of the statement of financial position (Chapter 15)
Topic three: Ratio analysis, financial analysis (Chapter 18)

learning outcomes:

1. Critical appreciation of the currant key issues in international financial reporting.
2. A critical understanding of the role and value of financial statements.
3. Critically evaluated the international dimension of financial reports.
4. Analysed and interpreted financial reports for strategic decision making. Skills:
5. The ability to demonstrate cognitive skills of critical thinking and analysis.

Your assignment should aim to provide readers with comprehensive knowledge and critical reviews of these areas covering, for example:
· Knowledge of variety of topic related to Financial reporting within the concept of international financial statement analysis.
· Knowledge of compare and contrast of the role and scope of International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRSs) and International Accounting Standards (IASs) in financial reporting.
· Your own understandings of, comments on, arguments and contributions to the topic, such as key qualitative characteristics, true and fair view/fair presentation, creative accounting, etc..
· Any other important issues which you think should be addressed


1. Your name;
2. Your student registration number;
3. Your Programme of Study
4. The word count (excluding the reference list, bibliography and any appendices).
5. The name of your PGBM65 module leader and tutor.

· Font: All text should be printed in a clear font such as Arial or Times New Roman;
· All text should be 12-point with the exception of headings.
· Text should be in a single column and left-aligned;
· One and a half spacing between lines, including appendices and bibliography, but excluding quotations, footnotes or captions, which may be single-spaced.
· References: Harvard

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