Issues in Contemporary Heritage

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In terms of academic content, your online Blog must consist of three (3) parts:

PART 1: Museum Visit Portfolio In Weeks 6 and 11, you are required to visit two heritage sites in the Sydney area. In Week 6, you will visit the Australian Museum or the Blue Mountains National Park, where you are asked to focus upon the representations of Indigenous Australians; in Week 11, you need to visit the Sydney Jewish Museum. For Part 1 of the E-Portfolio, you are asked to document and report on one of the visits you have made. Write a brief description of the exhibition/interpretation, then document one object or one interpretation panel from that heritage site and discuss it in relation to key themes emerging from the Unit (i.e. dark/dissonant heritage, Indigenous Australians and heritage issues, identity, commemoration, power and control). Supplement your Blog entry with images of the object and/or museum and/or interpretation panel using your own photographs. *Chose any sites* Word length: no more than 500 words plus relevant images

PART 2: Film Critique In Weeks 7 and 12 you are required to watch two films in class. This part of the assessment asks you to analyse one of these films. You will be expected to decode and theorize the heritage issues captured by the film. *The Movie I watched is RABBIT-PROOF FENCE* Word length: no more than 500 words plus relevant images

PART 3: Media Watch: Threats to Heritage in the Contemporary World Pick a newspaper article published within the last five years that details a case where heritage has been put under threat by war, political controversy, genocide, climate change or natural disaster. Provide an analysis of the article, including a brief summary as well as a discussion of the event/threat and its relation to issues in contemporary heritage.

You should explain how concepts you have learned in this Unit add insight to the topic of the article. You should also use what you have learned to predict the possible consequences or implications of the content of the article. You may access articles online or in hardcopy, but they should be from newspaper sources. Include a copy of the article (scanned) or a URL link with your Turnitin submission. You must also embed a copy of the article or URL link in your online E-Portfolio.

Word length: no more than 500 words plus screen shot or uploaded scan of article

Marking Criteria

Assessment 3 is designed to measure the extent to which students have met the following learning outcomes:

LO1 Generate an inventory of different types and uses of heritage;

LO3 Analyse a contemporary heritage issue in a real-world context, namely: heritage and conflict; heritage ‘ownership’; heritage and identity; heritage and politics; looting; repatriation; heritage and destruction; and commemoration; and

LO5 Utilise appropriate online technologies to organise, share and communicate heritage-related topics and issues. In addition, as the task involves students developing higher level academic research, writing and presentation skills, it will also be assessed on the basis of criteria that is divided between “content” and “presentation”:

(1) CONTENT (60% of overall mark): Use of relevant sources to support observations, and a demonstration of engagement with the unit’s themes. Students will also use the Blog to demonstrate their level of understanding of key concepts, along with their ability to demonstrate the relationship between theoretical concepts and real world examples.

(2) PRESENTATION (40% of overall mark): Students will demonstrate their ability to present information clearly and visually. They will also demonstrate their ability to write for both a popular

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