ISYS5002 Introduction to Programming

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Exercise Submissions — 20%

Three times during semester you are required to submit a solution to a problem set by the unit co-ordinator. These occur In weeks, 6,10 and 13. The exercises may be completed In your own time and should be uploaded via the link on BlackBoard. Details of each submission will be provided by the unit co-ordinator in the weeks prior to the submission date.

Details for Exercise 1 can be found below.

Exercise 1 — Due Friday 7 September, 2018 @ 5pm. Value = 5 %

Students should carefully read the requirements given below to complete a working application. This exercise should produce a working solution. The design should be easy to use, with clear instructions. Output should be displayed with appropriate information and carefully aligned and formatted.

ISYS5002 Introduction to Programming

Paint Job Estimator Application

A painting company has determined that for every 115 square feet of wall space, 1 gallon of paint and 8 hours of labour will be required. The company charges 520.00 per hour for labour.

Create an application that allows the user to enter the square feet of wall space to be painted and the price of the paint per gallon.

The program should display the following data:

• The number of gallons of paint required

• The hours of labour required

• The cost of the paint

• The labour charges

• The total cost of the paint job

Marking Guide Marks for this exercise are allocated as follows:

Requirement Marks
Design — controls should be aligned
– Labels should be Informative
– There should be a balance on the layout of the form
– overall design Functionality — outcome Is correct
– output presentation should be aligned and readable
– buttons should have text indicating their function

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