Laboratory Report – Behaviour Modification Assignment

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ITC571 - Emerging Technologies and Innovation

FORMAT: 3 rd person, 1000 words

-Introduction (100 words maximum)

-Phase 1/Week 1- Target Behaviour and Establish Baseline (7 days):
a) Target Behaviour: strengthen behaviour. Increase amount of daily exercise (running) for one hour per day.
b) unit of measurement: Duration. Increase running from 10 minutes to 30 minutes per day.
c) Describes antecedents and consequences of target behaviour.
f) Establish baseline behaviour rate using a line graph in APA 6th ed. Format. Baseline behavioural data for 7 days

-Phase 2/Week 2 – Treatment plan and Implementation (7 days):
a) Describe the treatment plan with appropriate learning theory terminology: conditioned reinforcer: money ($10 per 30 minutes running), controlling antecedents, etc..
b) How will you apply the treatment? Continuous: Immediate reinforcement.
c) Description of behaviour in treatment phase
d) Establish treatment behaviour rate using a line graph in APA 6th ed. format

-Phase 3/Week 3 – Thinning (3 days) and Monitoring (4 days) outcome:
a) Describe the strategy used in the thinning phase. Thinning is where you alter your behaviour treatment plan to the extent that you exert more self-control over the behaviour. Decrease the reinforcement value to $5
b) Remove all external interventions/controls i.e., removing reinforcement and see if the behavioural pattern changed for the better. Monitor this for 4 days.
c) Description of behaviour in thinning and monitoring phase using a line graph in APA 6th ed. Format

-Conclusion (100 words maximum): evaluate success or failure. Future improvements

-Use words as:
Present discriminative stimulus (SD) or cues for the desirable behaviour
Positive reinforcement – Provide reinforcers for the desirable behaviour
Premack principle: receiving $10 from her father is contingent on exercising

-Graphs: Appropriate titles and axes labels. Clearly presented information (units suitable for behaviour measured and legend included). Each week should include a line graph of each stage. Example:

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