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Leadership is having skills required to guide people or a certain company. For a person to be a good leader, they should have confidence when addressing people in public, be a good decision-maker, an observer, and should also be a good listener. By being a listener, it means that one should be able to listen to advice from other superiors either in the same organization or a different organization. Management is having the skills and abilities to control certain actions so as to get the required output. This essay discusses leadership and management skills in a company.

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Question one

Laura is an associate director and a leader in a nonprofit company. The aim of this company is to provide guidance and support to families on skill-building skills. Although Laura has two managers, Kelly and Linda, she takes it as her duty to be a supervisor and also take full management of the company, tasks that are not giving the desired results. Laura should let the management work be done by Linda and Kelly since they are both professionals and focus on being the leader as an associate director by attending to other important duties of the company (Van van Wart et al.,(2016)).

Question two

For Laura to improve on her leadership skills, she needs to evaluate and analyse the main reason that led to the resignation of her six staff that left (Phadermrod et al., (2019)). By doing so, Laura will be able to know the shortcomings and challenges faced by her staff and work on developing a solution. This analysis will help Laura not only become a good leader but also improve on her weaknesses. Kelly and Linda are good managers but still lack confidence. Having confidence and courage would help Kelly and Linda to ask Laura to leave the management duties to them so that they can be able to communicate among themselves and develop a strategy to tackle the problems facing their staff. The managers would know how to approach their supervisor in a professional manner without offending her. Communication between the managers and Laura would also help to tackle the matter that the staffs view as ‘glass half-empty and engage in a conversation that will solve the problem and still maintain the employee’s (Radovic et al., (2018)).


In conclusion, communication is a very important tool in a public organization. Poor communication may lead to staff viewing and concluding that they do not matter in the organization. Superior leaders in every organization and department should always solve issues that employees rise in a professional way. Being a leader and a manager requires one to have the necessary skills required to be able to govern a public facility.


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