Maternal and Child Health Assignment

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COU202A Mental Health and the Community

Maternal and Child Health

The three delays model is a scheme applied to classify direct and indirect risks that cause maternal mortality. According to this model, maternal mortality is caused by three types of delays as follows. Delay in choosing qualified medical assistance in case of an obstetric emergency. Another uncertainty is getting to an obstetric facility on time to save both the mother’s and the baby’s life. The third delay is on receiving proper medical attention upon timely arrival to the medical facility. To reduce these delays, there should be a creation of awareness of obstetric emergencies among the community, increasing networks for referrals and empowering medical institutions.

On the other hand, the four refer to the four leading complications that account for most maternal mortality cases. They include excessive bleeding, especially after giving birth-also known as a post-partum haemorrhage, hypertension during the gestation period, complications during the birth-giving process and lastly, unsafe abortion practices. To prevent the four too’s, medical experts should observe the following measures; after giving birth instantly, administering oxytocic drugs, using contraceptives to avoid unwanted pregnancies, encouraging safe abortion options, and practising good hygiene and proper feeding to prevent infections that cause complications during delivery. Also, through injecting expecting mothers with supplements to regulate their blood pressure levels.


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