Road Traffic Injuries and Disability Prevention

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Road traffic injuries are commonly caused by road accidents. According to World Health Organization, the annual number of road accident fatalities is approximately 1.3 million globally. An addition of 20-50 million survives and nurse road associated injuries where some of these injuries have long term effects. A disability is one effect that can result in road accident injuries. This essay outlines the impact caused by road disabilities and how to reduce health disparities.

Health determinants has impacts on people living with disabilities (AdlerM et al., (2016)). Health determinants include behaviour, genetics and surrounding influences. Disabilities may decrease health conditions which lead to an increase in other diseases in the body which may result in increased death rates. Reduction of social determinants affects the confidence and self-esteem of a disabled person which may impact their health condition. Decreased financial income affects the disabled person because they may lack to attend medication or therapies in hospitals leading to the deterioration of their health conditions. 

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An example of programs that can help people with disabilities is an innovation of a saving account. A saving account with a monthly contribution can help raise funds for people facing money issues. The funds can help even to buy wheelchairs for crippled people, braille for the eyesight challenged and even help to raise funds for those who can’t afford money to pay bills. These programs help to boost economic activities and also boost their health status.

Health disparities for people with disabilities can be reduced by supporting them. Understanding what they need by asking them can be a great solution. Using the modes of communication that they can understand helps to make them comfortable and makes communication easier. Speaking directly to them rather than using other methods to find out what they need can also boost their confidence (Sharby et al., (2015)). Also, if a person is in a wheelchair, one can lower to their level by either sitting or bending so as to have a face to face conversation which also helps them to avoid straining.  

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Another way to make people with disabilities feel comfortable in giving them their personal space. For example, if one does not ask for help, do not assume that they need the help without asking them first. Getting permission from them will help them psychologically by viewing that people respect them regardless of their shortcomings. Lastly, having a good relationship with their families and companions make them feel loved. When people with disabilities are discriminated against, they do not see the need to mingle with other people and this can affect their mental health (Szmukler, 2015).

In conclusion, everyone should be careful when crossing or using roads. Road accidents have greatly increased which means an increase in people having disabilities. Great support from society is needed to impact their lives. The mental health of people with disabilities is determined by the accessibility to daily needs and also, the environment they live in. if you Living in a friendly environment makes them feel good and loved therefore reducing the risk of having diseases that are caused by emotions like blood pressure and depression. 

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