MBA Integrated Communication Assignment 2 Sample

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Analysis of the organisation’s current integrated communications strategy


Integrated marketing communication (IMC) is a concept to integrate and coordinate the communication channels to overview the messages and the product visions. The main goal of integrated marketing communication is to maintain the consistency of the messages and the corresponding use of media. Marketing communication in the company has been used to be in touch with the customers in the respect of product assistance. It is just a new surface of

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communication course in terms to raise the business. The most vital part of integrated marketing communications is market research. By market research, the company gets to know an assortment of needs and requirements of the customers and that can help the company to meet customer requirements. To grow a company it is very essential to know the desires of the customer and to pay attention to the different requirements and the expectations of the customers to do better in fulfilling the needs.

Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy of TESCO:

Integrated Marketing Communication is an approach to create an incorporated experience for the customers so they can interact with the company seamlessly. It comprises many aspects, such as advertising, promotion, public relations, direct sales, social media, and digital marketing. Tesco Company has produced a lot of new strategies to overcome customer needs and thoughts in the terms of business strategy.

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The marketing communication strategy of Tesco is a global context and developed to overview the marketing plan. The main goal of the marketing communication strategy taken by Tesco is to define the business issues and aspects to its employees to do better in their work. The company has decided to define their short or long term goals to its employees and keep their marketing strategies on. Tesco has the authority to deliver its, messages to its customers in a very efficient manner. By this strategy, Tesco manages the communication with the customers related to SMART tools of business. Tesco has specified its goals to be very measurable, attainable and time-bound. By this SMART technique, Tesco has implemented its goals and objectives in a much-specified manner. Tesco has started to address the individual needs of the customers with the help of communication tools. This helps Tesco to achieve its goals in specific units. Tesco sets its goals which are very relevant and contextual with the present scenario of the market. With the proper time allocation, the strategy taken by Tesco helps the employees to do their work on time.

To analyze the customer needs Tesco has targeted their audiences considering market research in the context of the demographic area, social media, economic segments, environmental needs, etc. after partitioning all the requirements of the customers, Tesco has introduced how to prioritize the customer requirement regarding to organizational behaviour. Understanding the customer is the first step to marketing communication strategy. Tesco Company used two-tier strategies for its business expansion, which includes expansion in the sector of non-food product and creating alliances. Tesco uses letter as written communication in terms of maintaining relationships with customers.  Tesco has developed its channels for better communication with the customers by analyzing mass communication and direct communications. The Unique selling proposition has been introduced by Tesco by various methods of communication. The Unique selling proposition is very useful to attract more customers over the opponents. The Unique selling proposition can be developed with string measurements to move the customers’ act. By the Unique selling proposition, Tesco can regulate the emotions of the customers that can increase the company importance.

Integrated Marketing Communication

Fig- Integrated Marketing Communication

The main thing is the messages which can regulate the individual audience. In a marketing communication strategy messaging plays a vital role in attracting customers by providing them with more information about various offers, schemes, etc. Through these messages, Tesco has improved its customer validation and customer orientation. This way helps to increase the reliability of the customers towards the company. This may lead to an increase in the sales and the product ranges of the company.  The international business of Tesco has been growing very steadily by managing all the integrated marketing communication strategies in the global business market. Tesco Company holds a gigantic position in the world by generating a more than 20% retailing business.


From the above study, it is concluded that Tesco has developed its Integrated Marketing Communication strategies a lot in terms of developing its communication channels, introducing various other new strategies, introducing Unique selling proposition, messaging etc. to overview the customer needs and requirements. These Integrated Marketing Communications models can help Tesco in developing its retailing business a lot.

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