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Kent Chemical: Organizing for International Growth


“Based on Hofstede’s value dimension of uncertainty avoidance, the Japanese have a low tolerance for uncertainty while Americans have a high tolerance. Why then do the Japanese intentionally incorporate ambiguous clauses in their business contracts, which are unusually short, while Americans dot every ‘i’, cross every ‘t’ and painstakingly spell out every possible contingency?”
(Osland and Bird, 2006, cited by Aycan, Kanungo, Mendonca, 2014, p 16)

Based on the above example and using academic theory discuss what Osland and Bird refer to as ‘cultural paradoxes’.

Presentation and referencing
The work needs to be presented in the form of an essay, making full use of academic
theories/arguments to support your work.

APA 6 th edition should be used for referencing and citations

Word Count 3,000 Words

There is no additional allowance. Any work in excess of 3,000 words will not be included as part of the assessment.

You need to fully support your discussions with academic references from a number of sources. For help with your referencing go to

The assignment will be assessed on the relevance, evidence and structure

Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 5, 7.

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