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ITECH 5500 Professional Research and Communication

‘Physiological and Nutritional Assessment of a london marathon athlete’

The main sections of the assignment should be as follows:

Part A (Physiology,
• Introduction to the athlete:
o What sport they do
o Energy systems required
o What fitness components are required
o Characteristics of the athlete
• Methodology & Justification of the assessments
• Provide the results of the assessments
• How does the athlete compare to others in the sport? What does he/she need to work on to improve? Part B (Nutritional Assessment,
The main sections of the assignment should be as follows:
Provide a brief introduction to the case study from a nutritional perspective.

Literature Review (Main Content):

Provide a review of the relevant literature to discuss the ideal diet and nutrition, for a marathon runner (i.e. the specific athlete tested, who is training for the Marathon), with respect to health and sports performance. Consider:
-Energy requirements
-CHO, Fats, Proteins
-Fluid intake
-Requirements for training and recovery, as well as requirements for the race itself
-You may wish to calculate the athletes RMR
-You may wish to calculate the athletes EE at specific running intensities

Summary & Conclusion:
• Provide an overview of the main points from your literature review.
• Recommendations for the athlete

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