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Posted on March 4, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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How Do the ‘New’ Standards Compare To What You Were Required To Complete

For High School

It based on my review of what was created by the committee and the standards set in 2015 for the NYS diploma, there is a trend of improvement in the educational standards to cope with the technology’s growth. The newly formulated educational standards are more advanced compared to the requirements that were to be completed at the high school level. Communication, research, reasoning, and critical thinking to develop the best resolutions to problems. Contrary, the current standards are much developed and structured to allow learners to develop their knowledge to create a better future. For instance, such standards are strategically planned to increase access to job opportunities, marketability, economic stability, and personal growth to promote self-esteem. Besides, the newly created standards are essential in promoting earning potential and networking opportunities.

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Are These Standards Too Rigorous? Are They Rigorous Enough?

Usually, the newly established standards are not too rigorous. However, they require learners’ commitment to cope with the changes as they are much advanced compared to the requirement at the high school level.

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However, it is hard, especially for learners who are not committed to achieving more essential life goals. Precisely, the new standards and essential for more significant achievements.

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