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Unit 7.3 Strategic Resource Management

Change resistance is the act of rejecting or opposing any transformations that alter an individual’s standing or status quo. The resistance can occur at different levels, such as workplaces by employees and even at the household level. Resistance can also be the unwillingness of an individual to cope with altered situations. Resistance can be manifested through sabotage, criticism, endless arguments, and missing meetings, among others. President Donald Trump is resistant to change after getting a defeat from Joe Biden because of the following reasons: fear of losing power, fear for his security as he would lose his status, fear for the unknown, and lack of trust in Joe’s rule.

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Lack of trust for Joe Biden’s rule. According to Trump and the Republican party officials’ statements during the campaign, they have got little trust in Biden. Trump does not believe that Biden can make the United States of America a better state than what he has done in his tenure. Trump believes the vision the Republican party had for the United States that he is the only president who can fulfil. In most circumstances, when people do not believe or trust in the leader or the company’s competence to manage change, there is mostly resistance and Trump. Fear for the loss of the status quo. Sometimes resistance emerges from the perceptions held by people. For instance, individuals who think they would be worse off when introduced tend to resist that change. Additionally, if an individual feels that the change favours another person, they tend to resist (Carr et al., 2006). It can be a factor for Trump’s resistance as he believes elections were rigged. Another reason for Trump’s resistance could be the fear for the unknown as he does not know precisely how Joe Biden’s tenure will be. Which policies he may put in place and how they will affect his earlier policies. Trump also fears losing his power for the presidency and control of the machinery he has been running for his past four-year tenure.

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1. How to manage resistance.

The diagram represents how people react to change. Retrieved from
Change is always inevitable, and resistance is always there and has to be managed by the managers. It is undoubtedly easy to overcome resistance in an organization as what is manifested is face resistance (Othman et al., 2015). Change resistance can be managed by explaining the change from a frame of reference to the target using creative counters, establishment explanation, communication, creating a win-win scenario, identifying non-supporters and involving them in the critical roles of change.
Explaining the change from a frame of reference to the target by use of creative counters. What may seem to be a little change for the Democratic Americans can be enormous to Trump’s and the Republican’s perspectives (Kalnbach & Swenson, 2018). The United States of America should develop change agents with knowledge in constructive and peaceful counters to ensure that there is a communication from Trump’s frame of reference to come up with questions like what if I consent to defeat, what will be its meaning to me? This will make it easy to manage Trump’s resistance. Additionally, there should be the establishment of explanation and communication for Trump by the change agent. Donald Trump is going through denial resistance, which can only be solved if he gets precise and elaborate explanations on how he lost the elections. He should be assured of security and informed of what is expected from him by Americans and the world. It will make him let nature take its course as it is not the end of the world.

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Furthermore, there should be a thought self-leadership approach in which there is the creation of a win-win scenario. If possible, the state should make sure that Trump gets down from the presidency position held with no face sabotage. It will make it easy for him to consent and adapt to the change. There should also be identifying Biden’s non-supporters and involving them in critical roles (Graetz et al., 2006). The change agent should recognize the republican’s power and energy during resistance and re-direct it to employ resistance management techniques.

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