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BIT354: Network Vulnerability and Penetration Testing Sample

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Question – BIT354: Network Vulnerability and Penetration Testing Executive Summary The report encompasses the process of installing a computer system. The report also elaborates on the procedures for hardening the operating system to prevent security breaches and other kinds of threats.  There is an illustration of 8 kinds of hardening ways for the computer system […]

CSDR0407 – Critical Analysis

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Introduction: The primary aim of critical analysis of a research paper is vested in identifying the validity of the research process including literature review, considerations for the research problem, presentation of appropriate methodologies for conducting the research and the suitability of data collection with the research objectives. The following critical analysis of a research paper […]

Integrated Project

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Introduction Research refers to a systematic inquiry of a subject with the intention of creating new knowledge (Kasi 2009, p. 32). Research can also be aimed at revising existing information with reference to new facts. This essay covers a discussion on the role that research plays at a UK University and the various research tools […]

Benjamin’s Essay on Art and Mechanical Reproduction

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Introduction The essay titled “The Work of art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction,” by Walter Benjamin is a work of cultural criticism, which posits that mechanical reproduction negatively affects the uniqueness, which he refers to as the aura, of the art. According to this scholar, due to mechanical production, art is now produced on […]

Gene Report

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Identification of Protein the DNA sequence encodes The allotted DNA sequence was BLAST on blastn suite present on NCBI, the search was carried out on default parameters. The result of BLASTn was shown in Figure.1. The gene encodes for cytochrome c3 in Desulfovibrio Vulgaris with Query coverage (QC) and Percentage Identity (PI) of 100%. Other […]

Poter’s Five Forces Model

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INTRODUCTION Poter’s Five Forces Model: This framework is developed by Michael Porter in 1979 and it enables an organization to analyse the effectiveness of five competitive forces on the profitability and efficiency of their business. This model is used by BT Group for attaining the competitive advantage by formulating effective strategic planning. This organization is […]

Best Assignment Help for Holmes Institute Australia

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Holmes institute Holmes institute was established in 1963, this institute provides a multi-sector option in education with the facility of Vocational Education, training, Higher Education and Secondary Education. It is working for providing the highest quality education to enable and empower students to seek their self-improvement well, it is providing English language centres at each […]