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Reflection Essay

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Introduction: The development of ethical boundaries in the business environment has also been accompanied by the proliferation of novel avenues in the discussions regarding the realization of ethics in layoff processes. The critical reflection on the debate presentation enabled me to reflect comprehensively on the approaches used for identification, assessment, argument and rebuttal of the […]

BMS0064 Assessment Task – Reflection and Portfolio Sample

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Part 1 – Reflection Introduction The professional setting encompasses various challenges for a fresher or a new professional individual. This reflective model has been designed as a self-analysis that I have conducted on myself to identify my professional skills and knowledge. After conducting the self-analysis, I have designed an action plan for the remainder of […]

Pragmatic Skills in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Literature review  People use pragmatic language for effective and successful interaction with others. However, persons suffering from autism experience significant challenges in pragmatic skills depicting consequent impairments in communication. Provided the complex nature of pragmatic language or skills, several studies have pointed out the significance of investigating diverse factors affecting the autism group in their […]

Occupational health

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Epidemiology, in general, involves identifying cases, distributing, and controlling possible diseases as well as other factors in health. In this regard, occupational epidemiology is a branch of epidemiology involved in scrutinizing colleagues and their place of work. Studies in occupational epidemiologic involve examining professionals exposed to either physical, biological, or chemical agents to ascertain whether […]


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Introduction The decision tree algorithm makes use of the general idea of Decision Trees. A Decision tree graphically represents all possible answers to a decision. They are used to extract knowledge by exploring different scenarios as a result of making certain sequential decisions. The tree has a set of nodes (objects containing data). There is […]

Case Study Analysis And Sample

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What are the main issue/issues of this case study? The main issue of this case study is retrenching the employees since the company is on the verge of collapsing its being done by the use of a colour-coded appraisal system and also using a new business approach so as to save the company from collapsing.  […]