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IND202 – Industry Training

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Trimester 2015 Generic Copy please refer to Moodle or request the appropriate trimester from the Industry Training Department Learning Outcome/s Demonstrate an understanding that academic learning is necessary for career success but that complementary practical understanding is also critical Demonstrate proficiency in communication and practical generic workplace skills Demonstrate and link these competencies with the […]

Contemporary Developments in Business and Management Assignment

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Assessment weighted at 100% assessing all module learning outcomes. Activity: Prepare a management report of 3,500 to 4,000 words* on an organization within one of the following industry-sectors**: 1. Agriculture – perennial crops(A01.2) 2. Manufacture of textiles,(C13) 3. Manufacture of wearing apparel (C14) 4. food and beverage service activities (I56) 5. Civil engineering (F42) [An […]

Knowledge Management

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Assessment task: The goal of Knowledge Management (KM) is to increase the quality of the contributions people make to their organizations by increasing their motivation, helping people to take responsibility, to collaborate and share what they know and learn, and to effectively challenge, negotiate and learn collectively. Thus, to assure its maximum effectiveness KM has […]

Managing Knowledge and Information Systems Sample

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Question – Managing Knowledge and Information Systems Assignment Help Introduction: The necessity for change and the need for adapting to change is profoundly associated with the influence of the large-scale globalization observed throughout the world. The changes are not only observed at a social level but also in various organizational contexts. Therefore, organizations have to […]

International Tourism

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Format Structured report Word length 2,500 words (the final report) Task of the final report: The task is to research and present a report about the memorable travel experience based on a list of travelogue and the contemporary theories. The element of the report includes: Critical literature review: Critically review the current theories on the […]

BME0003 – International Economics

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Choose ONE of the following questions: 1) Porters’ diamond trade theory and other new trade theories outline the case for government policies. What kinds of policies would you recommend that government adopt? Are these polices at variance with the free trade theory? 2) The WTO negotiations encountered a number of difficulties. Why is it that […]