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Health Promotion Plan

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Analysis of the Health Concern Tobacco use is one of the health concerns in many communities in the USA and other parts of the world. According to the data from WHO, tobacco use is the major public health concern in the world (Berry et al., 2019). Tobacco use has continuously increased in the communities despite […]

Poter’s Five Forces Model

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INTRODUCTION Poter’s Five Forces Model: This framework is developed by Michael Porter in 1979 and it enables an organization to analyse the effectiveness of five competitive forces on the profitability and efficiency of their business. This model is used by BT Group for attaining the competitive advantage by formulating effective strategic planning. This organization is […]

Corporate or Organizational Culture

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Introduction  Corporate or the Organisational culture mainly defines the uniqueness and the behavioural culture that follows in an organization. This gives uniqueness to the psychological and social environment of the organization. This mainly represents the specific values and the beliefs of the organization. Through the cultural aspects of an organization, the standard and the future […]

Analysis of the Article

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Part I. Analysis of the Article According to the Los Angeles Times, most of the law enforcement authorities, departments and agencies such as the Los Angeles County Sheriff are paramilitary organizations where their members can carry weapons and wear uniforms. These members are deployed to live risking situations that necessitate expert training, understanding and being […]

Nursing – Health of infants

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Nursing – Health of Infants Buy this assignment for just 40 AUD. Email – cheapestassignment@gmail.com words – 900 assessment 1 Part B: “Role of a nurse in keeping child safe” (written assignment of 900 words)  In Part B of the assignment you are required to: Discuss the role of the Registered Nurse in keeping children safe, in […]