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Part I. Analysis of the Article

According to the Los Angeles Times, most of the law enforcement authorities, departments and agencies such as the Los Angeles County Sheriff are paramilitary organizations where their members can carry weapons and wear uniforms. These members are deployed to live risking situations that necessitate expert training, understanding and being honest with others. The organization of this military is unexpected (Times Editorial Board np.). The editorial board argues that sheriffs should be elected instead of being nominated—this statement is also used as the headline for this article. The assistants should report to the sheriffs and elected members who execute their duties without any oversights from the public and can be re-elected after every four years.

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To support his thesis, the author argues that the Sherriff organization’s arrangement is not sufficient, and such is unexpected from an ideal military organization. People are not allowed to vote for their generals. Consequently, the nominated generals are rendered to work without further oversights (Times Editorial Board np.). According to democracy, the United States citizens vote for civilians who will be the commander in chief. The United States Commander in chief appoints a noncombatant Secretary for the defence who controls military operations. Citizens also choose representatives to support and oversee the operations of the armed forces. This build-up and association are very critical because the troops and their representatives are always loyal to civilians (Times Editorial Board np.). Additionally, the military personnel is streamlined by civilian governance that maintains general officers under its jurisdictions. The deviation between the ruling execution with troops and the navies may be ineffective, however, they related; Sheriff.

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Part II. Personal Response to the Article

Sheriffs play an essential role in primary law enforcement for several interior areas and growing towns, arresting lawbreakers, and instilling defensive orders. According to this article, a Sherriff can be recalled by a voter petition (Times Editorial Board np.). The Government Code Sec. 3060 states that Sheriff can be sucked for willful or misconduct or allegations are filed with a grand jury, which involves a court trial. For instance, Sheriff John C. Cline was successfully sucked by the Board of Supervisors. It is clear that when Sheriffs violate laws, the process of investigating the claims takes time. Supervisors take a significant part in investigating all the allegations made to the Sheriffs (Times Editorial Board np.). The prompting issue is that no sheriff should be elected in the most extensive local jurisdiction in Los Angeles. There is a connection between this article and the course under study because it addresses policy regulation matters, especially by the law enforcers. In exercising democracy, people should elect the representatives of their choices without any further omission. Attempt to make sheriffs more accountable has been barred and vanished by the historically opposed rules and community omissions. A lot of corrupt misconduct has prompted people to plea for neglect for the organization of the Sheriff. Unlike municipal police chiefs, sheriffs are elected rather than appointed. Electing the Sheriffs provides a check against undue influence over law enforcement of the county board. This article also explains the lawful actions that should be followed if Sheriffs break the roles of duty and the constitutional laws at large. By so doing, the local citizens are aware of how Sheriffs are governed and the jurisdiction they operate within.

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