Trust in Talent Management

Posted on September 1, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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DATA4900 - Report: Complexity Science and AI

TOPIC: Trust in talent management  

  • The influence of corporate values to policies of trust and talent.
  • Potential benefit of mutual-equivalence to outcomes of trust and talent.
  • Applications of talent and trust through human resource policies and the labour market.
  • Implications of talent and trust expressed through cultural complexity using in-group (e.g. organisational) and out-group (e.g. occupational) processes.
  • Applications of talent recognition through the concept of cultural mutual-equivalence.
  • The importance of trust and trusting beliefs to applications of talent management.

We need to do a group presentation with 3 person, the six themes above is recommend by our tutor you can choose 2-3 themes to analyze deeply. Before doing the ppt we also need a A4 size position paper to submit on next week Tuesday October 17 th , the method to write position is mentioned on the page five in the handbook. The other pdf document are reference you can also find many other reference.

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