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Business and Market in Global Environment- Market Report

Second, the course name: Finance For International Business Professional: International Business

Third, the paper topic: job requirements clearly written.

Fourth, the paper uses: Master's coursework.

Fifth, university background: Britain's top 100 universities.

Six, job requirements:

1. The attached file, entitled: 7BSP1245-FIB, is about Eurojet, an EU airline. Now the company is in the UK, but due to Brexit, the company faces the problem of leaving the UK.

2, Requirements:

2.1, Evaluate the EuroJet (UK) plc proposal from a financial perspective and advise the Board whether the project should be given approval. Also, advise the Board on the forex risk aspects of the project. You should support your arguments with relevant theory and calculations .

2.2, Your answer should take the form of a written report of approximately 2500 words excluding appendices and the reference list. In addition, submit an Excel spreadsheet containing your calculations. (Requires an excel calculated spreadsheet)

2.3, calculation includes:

Net cash flow, 10 years Net cash flow, 10 years of cash flow

(2). Cash flow value

(3). Net present value

(4). Payback

(5). Discounted payback

(6). Costed Captial

(7). Cost of equity

(8). Dividened grow model

(9). Cost of dead

(10). Market value weightage

Seven, the operation to do a lot of calculations, first write an outline, November 29, night to me. The outline is confirmed, then continue to write, when I will inform you.

Eight, it is best to use the last write this course the first homework writing handwriting.

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