Unit 712 – Strategic Human Resource Planning

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Discussion Post Assignment

Task 1:
Within a strategic framework critically assess the strategic importance of the vital human resource function of  projecting future human resource needs to avoid skills shortages and vacuums, with its potential adverse effect on competitive advantage. Suggestions of appropriate approaches, theories and concepts to conduct such activities would support here. The nature and speed of change within your given senario is also important, as is the degree
of certainty in a programmed world and ambiguity in a programmed or programmable business environment.
Research and analyse how the full human resource planning cycle, impacts positively and adversely on the strategic planning cycles, areas of compatibility and non compatibility may be considered, as well as appointed duration of the planning cycles. A Gap Analysis may be considered here if appropriate.

A.C. 1.1 – Critically assess the strategic importance of current, future and anticipated HR requirements
A.C. 1.2 – Analyse how HR planning impacts on the strategic plan

Task 2:
Select four HR laws and evaluate how the legislation influences organisational HR plans. Ensure the four laws cover different aspects of HR legislation. Describe a process for recruitment and selection of new staff that complies with current legislation and organisational requirements. Review how effective the process is in relation to the acquisition of suitable staff.

A.C. 2.1 – Evaluate the current legal requirements influencing a HR plan
A.C. 2.2 – Identify approaches and methodologies to support the recruitment and selection of staff (external candidates) and the impact on current legislation and organisational requirements

Task 3:
Describe what is meant by organisational culture. Identify key factors of organisational culture which may affect the recruitment and retention of staff. Ensure positive and negative aspects of the culture are identified when describing the possible effects on recruitment and retention. Evaluate the ways in which organisations provide flexibilities and changes to working practices. Identify the drivers for such changes including a discussion concerning the ‘work-
life balance’.

A.C. 3.1 – Critically evaluate how organisational culture affects recruitment and retention of staff
A.C. 3.2 – Discuss the work environment influences where personal work life balance issues and the changing patterns of work practices determine motivation and commitment


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