4HR001 Managing Individuals at Work

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You are asked to write a report which:

‘Examines the similarities and differences between leaders and managers in organisations?’

4HR001 Managing Individuals at Work

Your report should have three sections which address the following:

  1. Identify and describe the main traits required by managers and leaders. Within this, you should be relating to the theory which has been discussed in lectures and seminars.
  2. Discuss the main functions of managers and leaders. Your discussion should be supported by links to theory.
  3. Analyse the factors that influence the leadership and management of people. You must consider in your answer factors that relate to the leaders and managers as well as those that relate to the team members.

Please remember:

  • Present your answers to the assignment in a Report format. A guide to Report structure is available on Canvas in the useful documents section for the module.
  • Your Report should answer the three questions using the main relevant theories
  • You may work on the assignment in groups but the assessment will be individually assessed
    • Read round the topic and include a range of academic sources
    • Care should be taken to use reputable academic sources and not general websites such as: Wikipedia, Brainy Quote, Essay sites, or similar.

    The Report must be fully referenced using the Harvard Referencing System – Please use Citethemright https://www.citethemrightonline.com/ to support you with this.

    Helpful Hint 1: Think about some of the theories that we have discussed in lectures, how can these be linked to your discussion of traits of managers and leaders? Try to link your own experience of either managing people or work, or being managed and led by others into your discussion.Helpful Hint 2: Consider some of the theory that we have looked at in the classroom that identifies the main functions of managers and leaders, try to make comparisons between the functions that managers and leaders have as part of their role. Use work-based examples to support your ideas.

    Helpful Hint 3: What factors have been identified in some of the theories we have discussed that influence the way that leaders and managers perform their role? Use examples from your own experience to support your ideas.

    Helpful Hint 4:  In all your answers, make sure that your evidence that you have read around the topics by making clear references to literature. When choosing literature you must use appropriate academic sources. Please avoid using websites such as Wikipedia.

LO1 Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of a range of management and leadership theories in order to present a balanced discussion of the issues raised in the question
LO2 Develop a sound analysis based on the evidence that supports or refutes the assertions made in the question

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