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Art is defined as a visual subject and experience which is generated through creative skills and effective imagination. Art is associated with traditional culture. Modern art helps to provide a different perspective and response to the world. The modern art form is associated with advanced techniques and traditions of society. On the other hand, artificial intelligence is a new concept for the new world. Art helps express any thoughts or perspectives of anyone. The Artificial intelligence process is simulated with human intelligence to increase the ability or potential of a particular system. The art form includes paintings, the development of sculpture, dance, music, and other creative things. Here, we will discuss the productive relationship between artificial intelligence and art.  The development of modern art needs to be associated with artificial intelligence.

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Artificial intelligence includes modern techniques and tools to generate efficiency in tasks or actions. The association of mathematical patterns and learning algorithms generates an effective impact on modern art techniques. The relationship between art and artists is linked to personal creativity and skills. The effects of AI can be used to express the artwork or creativity of any individual (Antun et al., 2019). The effective use of AI can help to increase the productivity of the art industry. Artificial intelligence technology can help to eliminate critical tasks from the artwork. The experimental use of Artificial intelligence in the art framework can help to improve the human lifecycle.

The immersive use of art forms can help to create a progressive society. The productive use of artificial intelligence helps to consume more time in art form. The association between art and artificial intelligence can be used as a tool for society. The art form helps to recognize the development pattern of humans. Artificial intelligence has core components like reasoning, learning, understanding, and expression recognition (Lee et al., 2022).  The combination of these components helps to produce a productive system for the art form. The effective mash-up of AI can produce perfect creativity.  The application of AI algorithms helps to generate new styles in the artwork. The effective use of Artificial intelligence can improve the degree of artistic success rate. The Artificial intelligence system depends on the inbuilt algorithms that are linked with internal functionality. Artificial intelligence follows mathematical patterns to understand any action or task. The modern human being can connect with art more attractively with the help of artificial intelligence.

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The art framework is defined as a specific object or creative action. The recognition process is the primary process to evaluate any object. The recognition process is the primary feature of Artificial intelligence which helps to process visual information. The detection and recognition process helps to identify any image or object through its technology (Daniele and Song, 2019). The combination of personal experience can generate efficiency in this tool.

Artificial intelligence art generation processes can be created through images and videos with particular algorithms. The multiple methods of art generation help to increase the experience of any framework.  The generator tools help to transform ideas into art and transform the information through Artificial intelligence. The art generator can be beneficial for the music art industry which improves the learning ability through Artificial intelligence.

Creative AI algorithms can generate meaningful art within a very short period. The quick recognition and analysis of the process of Artificial intelligence can help to consume time in particular frameworks.  Artificial intelligence technology can help to increase the creativity level with machine learning processes (Maslic and Kim, 2021). The artistic nature of AI helps to increase the performance of art frameworks. The realistic description ability of Artificial intelligence helps to draw perfect and creative art with limited time.

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Artificial intelligence can create sustainable effects in this advanced society. Features of Artificial intelligence can produce growth in different art environments. The authentic and creative decision-making process of Artificial intelligence can replicate human intelligence. The transformation of artistic work can be generated through Artificial intelligence technology. The effective exploration of the creative learning process can be evaluated through a real-time simulation process. The important element of art is details which can be determined through AI technology.

Artificial intelligence is very suitable for painting. The creative tools of artificial intelligence help to collaborate with understanding procedures. Artificial intelligence is involved with machine learning procedures. The design of AI tools creates surprising values that help to explore innovation as an art form. The effective recognition process of Artificial intelligence can determine the color combination in a specific painting. The effective use of Artificial intelligence can interpret the appropriate design of a painting (Maslic and Kim, 2019). The data storage process of Artificial intelligence can help to evaluate the critical issues in a painting.

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The revolution of music can be effective with the use of Artificial intelligence. The effective interaction of Artificial intelligence can help generate music efficiency. The application of AI can increase the efficiency of music. The composition of music can be driven by AI applications. The development of voice recognition systems can be controlled by  Artificial intelligence. The production of music can be used for live performances. The effective use of AI technology can help to produce good music. AI features must combine with music production to develop effective music. The experimental use of AI software can control the various musical components. The development of interactive performance can be evaluated by the AI algorithm. The AI algorithm can help to evaluate the information and musical experience through the machine learning process. The dynamics of music can be optimized through an effective understanding process of music.

The productive use of AI can enhance the performance of computer graphics and animation processes. The graphical interface of AI helps to classify the objects in video. The simulation process can be controlled through Artificial intelligence algorithms.  The reliability and performance of AI can enhance the visual experience. The valuable information of the videographer can be analyzed through the artificial intelligence components. The effective understanding feature of Artificial intelligence can improve the visual quality incredibly. The analytical feature of AI can detect issues in the video aspect. Artificial intelligence and art framework can introduce a new tool in this modern society.

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The effects of AI can generate more creativity in the art framework. Artificial intelligence can help to replicate human intelligence and the learning process in the art industry. The effective use of AI can help to increase the productivity of the art industry. The traditional art form can be developed through Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.  The benefits of AI can improve different aspects of society and generate productive sustainability. Artificial intelligence can improve the power of imagination and creativity in the artwork. The specific AI support helps to determine any action or work with productivity. The self-reorganization process of AI can help to boost the productivity of art forms. This new mode of tool can generate productivity in this society.


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