CPT – HRE 4M1 Ethical Issues in Our Society

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CPT – HRE 4M1 Ethical Issues in Our Society

Seminar Presentation Outline

You will be given the option to work in groups (no more than 4 per group), or individually, to create and present a seminar for the CPT. It is an opportunity to present your (group) unique interpretation and analysis of the moral issue you have studied to your teacher and peers. It should provide opportunities to engage in academic ethical discussion in a meaningful way. Your group must take part in a Seminar Presentation exploring the ethical issue which will include a critical examination of the material in light of Church teachings and course material. A seminar presentation functions as an oral essay. You must bring to light the moral and ethical implications associated with your issue and explore the issue from a wide variety of perspectives including the secular and theological perspective. You must remain objective in presenting the ethical issue. It is imperative that you highlight the moral issues(s) surrounding your topic and analyze its implications in light of the Roman Catholic Church using official Church documents. A Works Cited page must be included with your outline.

The CPT is worth 10% of your final mark.
All groups must be ready to go on the first day of presentation week. All work must be submitted on the first day of presentations. Presentation dates will be determined at random.

Task 1:
You are to choose a topic from the list below, should you want to choose another ethical issue not on this list, please get permission from your teacher first. There is only one topic per group.

Euthanasia/ Assisted Suicide                  Child Labour
Abortion                                                       Contraceptives
Artificial Insemination                              Climate Change/Global Warming
Designer Babies                                          Genetically Engineered foods (GMO)
Cloning                                                         Human Trafficking
Suicide                                                          Capital Punishment
Surrogate Mothers                                     Privacy
Water Rights                                               War
Capitalism/Consumerism                        Healthcare

Task 2:
Prepare your Powerpoint/Prezi – must include the following:
• Find a specific example from the media where your ethical issue has been called into question. This can be a journal article, news broadcast, clip from a movie of the actual issue. The article must be from a secular point of view.
• Highlight the secular views on the topic, including any visible biases in society.
• Identify and defend the ethical issues(s) surrounding your topic using specific Church Teaching and major course concepts.
• You must defend the Church when presenting the ethical issue.
• You must use at least Four(4) sources;
✓ One source can be either an Encyclical (letter written by a pope) or Catholic Apologetic (a defense or explanation of the teachings, beliefs, or practices by the Catholic Church; its goal is to shed new light on difficult or misunderstood matters) e.g.: Aquinas, Augustine, Pascal, etc. You can find these on the Vatican website.
✓ A second source, must be a quote from scripture (Bible).
✓ At least One (1) source must be from a book.
✓ At least One (1) teaching from the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC)
• Relate and analyze the ethical issue by making connections to course concepts (ex.
Human freedom, sin, LISTEN, conscience, basic moral principles, etc. You should be able to relate your topic to at least FOUR (4) concepts discussed in class.
• (When Citing) MLA format

Task 3: Class Discussion
Pose Two Questions to the Class to stimulate class discussion Should relate to major themes or ideas presented in the seminar Should generate class discussion
You do not necessarily need to have any concrete answers to the questions posed (Question can be hypothetical in nature) Your two questions should generate a discussion, including a class activity to get the class engaged is also a great idea.

15-20 minutes in length (equal amount of speaking time per group members).
Max of 4 members per group – Choose your group wisely.
You must submit your completed seminar outline before your presentation, failure to do so will result in deducted marks or a mark of zero.
You must provide a class with a supplementary information handout that will complement your seminar, detailing and summarizing the ethical issue in light of Church teachings. Your group is responsible for posting the handout on Google classroom – class account.
This is a seminar. This should be clearly rehearsed and used only as a guide. Do NOT read off of your powerpoint/prezi presentation. Make sure your powerpoint/prezi presentation contains very little words. There should only be key points/terms. No significant amounts of text/writing, or you will be deducted marks.
Works Cited Page – to be submitted as the final slide(s) on your PowerPoint/Google Slide/Prezi. Plagiarism is an academic offense and will result in a mark of zero.

Example of the order of a seminar presentation outline: (This is just an example you do not need to follow this exactly)

Title of Seminar: (Related to Topic)
Should be creative and relate to the topic
The Hook:
Should be 1-2 minutes in length (not included in the 12-15 minutes required for the presentation)
How you are going to grab the attention of the audience (i.e. movie clip, music, props)
The hook should relate to the focus of the seminar
Should highlight the moral issue that you will discuss
Should summarize the main moral issues that you will discuss
Points for discussion:
Identify and briefly describe the moral issues in context of society and individuals Explain how it relates to the course material – Choose three themes that were studied this semester and apply the course concepts in your analysis
This should include a brief summary of points, using specific examples to support your arguments
Highlight the Church’s teaching on the moral issue using an Encyclical or Apologetic .
Synthesize the ideas all together – what can we learn from this and how can it be applied today’s society.
How you will wrap up the presentation?
What final thought do you want the class to take away from your presentation?
Class Disscusion:
Questions and activities for the class
Incorporate Visual(s)
Make sure your visual aids have a clear purpose and engage the audience in a meaningful way. When you create a handout (it is your responsibility to provide photocopies for the class)

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