Assessment 2 Business Research Proposal – Individual Assignment

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Guidance for Essays

For this assessment, students are expected to present a written research proposal that is based on the literature review (Assessment 1) and demonstrates their understanding of business research/research paradigm.

Based on their literature review, students are required to write a business research proposal outlining the details
of the proposed research project that addresses the gaps identified in the literature. Derived from the business topic, the proposal needs to include clearly state research questions (primary and secondary), and provide a solid research methodology that supports the feasibility of the research project

Marking criteria of the research proposal include: the justification of the research questions that operationalize the
research topic; the demonstration of a detailed research methodology addressing research instrument, sample size and sampling approach, research location/s and schedule as well as providing a critical assessment of the limitations of the methodology and the expected outcome of the research project.

Assessment 2: Marking Criteria:
Marking Criteria’s                                                 Marks
Research Project Introduction and justification         5
Research Questions and justification                          15
Research Methodology                                                  30
TOTAL MARKS                                                        50

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