BHO0239: Individual Assignments

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The four Group Leadership Projects (GLPs) are programmed to run throughout the module.

Students will work in groups. Each Group should be made up of 4 members maximum. Every member of a group must be a leader on at least one project. There are 4 GLP projects. The rest of the group in each project will be followers who work “under the direction” of the specific leader on each of the projects. Meetings between leader and followers are expected. This is of course organised by the leader.

Check the Assessment area on Unilearn to see when each GLP project will start and finish. Linked to each GLP brief are additional materials to help your group start your research. Your group will have two weeks to start and complete each GLP project.

On Unilearn each of the GLP projects will appear in the assignments section in the first of the two weeks allowed to complete it. Your group will present your project within the seminar in the week highlighted.

You are free to create and deliver the presentations, role-plays and videos in the manner you think best. We don’t want to hamper your creativity by being overly prescriptive.

Your completed GLPs must address the general themes stated in each of the project briefs but you will not be assessed directly on the content of each of the submissions.

1.3 Your Individual assignments
On completion of your GLPs you are required to produce a Research Reflection and Evaluation Record on the Leader and Follower processes that occurred during the GLPs.

  • 1 – Reflection on GLPs 1 & 2 – 1500 max words (25% of final mark)
  • 2 – Reflection on GLPs 3 & 4 – 1500 max words (25% of final mark)

In your reflection you need to use theory from the module content to critically analyse the leadership and followership processes that occurred in your group.

This requires you to:

  • Devise and sustain clear arguments supported by evidence. Identify the problems and successes that you/your group had and analyse them using theory.
  • Evaluate your own performance (as a leader or follower) and its impacts on the group. Using evidence to support judgements made.
  • Evaluate the performance of other group members (as leaders or followers). Using evidence to support judgements made.
  • Identify suitable changes/actions to improve future performance. See the assessment criteria for general guidance on how you will be assessed.
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