BMA4005-20 Professional Practice

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Learning outcome assessed:

LO: 1.Completion of a Professional Development (PD) Portfolio incorporating an updated CV, a LinkedIn profile and reflective logging.
LO: 2. Knowledge and understanding of the significance of professionalism and professional practice, incorporating reflective practice.

Assessment Brief

S1:PD Portfolio
You will produce a PD (Professional Development) Portfolio. The portfolio will enable you to prepare an enhanced CV and to apply for a job. Particular to Bath Spa, the portfolio will permit you to identify your Strategy 2030 Bath Spa attributes. These are the attributes you most identify with and the portfolio will include a plan for their development throughout your degree programme.
This will be a digital version of an annotated scrapbook and should not exceed words of annotations. The idea is for the portfolio to be visually pleasing, creative as well as interesting (and useful to you) in terms of its content. Your Professional Portfolio should outline your career aspirations and steps taken to achieve them.
The main focus of the PD Portfolio are your Strategy 2030 Bath Spa Attributes. Content should include:
● researched background on the attributes;
● evidence of you having them;
● A plan for their use and/or development; and an investigation as to the kind of
organisation or career where the attributes would be most valued.
Other content of the PD Portfolio should include: A first version of your CV; a cover letter, SWOT analysis, your 16 Personalities (Myers Briggs) profile; your LinkedIn profile; and any other useful PD-related content. The PD Portfolio will broadly consist of enclosures – usually scanned documents or other

content – and annotations. The purpose of annotations is to help the reader to navigate the portfolio and explain to the reader the significance or meaning of the various enclosures. Be sure to devote some of your words to producing an introduction to the portfolio. Your list of references is not included in the word count.

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