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Software Process Assessment and Determined

The assessment looks at a real world on-going project for a company with an online presence (See below for list). Working as a group (of 4 or 5) you have been asked by the company to conduct a review of their online presence and then to analyse your online ‘consumption’ experience in terms of a) Booms and Bitner (1992) Servicescape  framework and b) Harris and Goode (2010). you are to analyse the digital servicescape identifying any issues or activities that fit to the template. This will then form the basis of a 15-min group presentation, which will cover the
following. A review of the digital servicescape. (What is it and how does it fit with its intended function, analyse how does a digital servicescape differ from Bitners servicescape, what is represented by and through the webpage, please see powerpoint slides on how to analyse a webpage) (30%) Analysis of the digital servicescape utilising the framework of Harris and Goode (2010) given how did you respond to it, what segment(s) do you think the webpage and the products/services are targeted at (45%) Recommendations for improving the digital servicescape. (15%)
Quality of presentation (10%)

The presentation will need to be recorded so both the presentation can been seen and also hear you present your slides. Once you have finished creating your presentation, to record in Microsoft PowerPoint, you will need to:
1. Click the ‘slide show’ tab at the top of the window.
2. Click ‘record slide show’.
3. When you are ready, click the ‘red dot recording symbol’ in the top left-hand corner to begin your recording.
4. Then you can move through the slides using the arrows on your keyboard.
5. When you are finished, you can stop the recording by clicking the ‘stop’ button in the top left-hand corner of the window.
6. Then click ‘escape’ on the keyboard to return to the original PowerPoint screen. Please save and submit your presentation in standard Microsoft PowerPoint format using Microsoft fonts and ensure any videos used are embedded into your PowerPoint presentation Referencing: Please ensure that you cite different credible academic and/or practitioner sources using the HARVARD referencing system (in text and as a bibliography).
Additional Information:
 You must attach a title sheet at the beginning of the presentation containing the full title of the module, the module code (which is MKT7001, DMM7001), Lecturer’s Name (Dr John Follett), your year of study, and your full name (underline your surname) all group members names and student numbers.

 After observing, the digital Servicescape and utilising the above matrix allocate a weighting of 1-5 for each point, with 1 being the poorest quality and 5 being the best. You will have to explain and justify your ratings, thus it is advisable to take notes, as this will be the basis of your group presentation. Please note you must give an analysis of why you are giving that value.

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