BSBWOR502B – Ensure team effectiveness

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BSBWOR502B – Ensure team effectiveness

Diploma of Management

Workplace Effectiveness

Course Name:                                              Diploma of Management

Subject Name:                                              BM110 – Workplace Effectiveness

Method:                                                        Oral Presentation (Individual)

Assessment No.:                                          2

Weighting:                                                    30%

Due Date:                                                      Week  6   

Competency Title/s:                                    BSBWOR501B  –  Manage  personal  work  priorities  and  professional development

Purpose of Assessment

This assessment assesses students’ ability to apply their skills and knowledge to

  • use various systems and processes (electronic or paper-based) to organise and prioritise tasks
  • develop personal and professional development plans

BSBWOR502B – Ensure team effectiveness

Description of Assessment

  • This is an individual task
  • Students are required to deliver a 10 – 12 minute oral presentation on their chosen topic.
  • Students must attempt the presentation on the due date. You will not be given a second chance unless you have a compelling and compassionate reason
  • Students must submit their presentation slides on Moodle after the presentation. Please note if you do not attempt the presentation, you will receive a mark of Zero (0) even if you submit the slides online.

Plagiarism Statement

An intentional or unintentional Plagiarism is deemed by GCA as cheating and is completely unacceptable under any circumstances. It is required that all assignments be referenced using the Harvard System or other approved method advised by your lecturer.

Any plagiarism will result in a ZERO mark for that assignment. This includes the submission of assignments that are not the student’s own work or does not acknowledge the work of others.

By submitting this assessment in Moodle, you understand and agree to the plagiarism policy of GCA.

Assessment task

You are required to present a 10-12 minute PowerPoint presentation on how you would go about managing your work priorities and professional development. (Use 10 – 15 slides)

To successfully complete this task you should address the answers for the following questions in you r presentation:

  1. What are the traits of an effective leader? Do I have these traits? How would I develop these traits?
  2. What are my long and short term goals and how am I going to achieve them?
  3. How would I prioritise work?
  4. How would I use technology to organise and manage my work?
  5. How would I ensure that I maintained a work/ life balance?

Your presentation should be presented in the first person, for example, ‘To measure my personal performance I would…  You must include reactions, feelings and analysis of a topic in a more personal way. It should be cohesive and refer directly to the course content but do not simply summarise what you have read or done.  You should demonstrate that you have conducted your own research.  You should also use real life examples to illustrate the points made in your presentation where possible.


Course Name: Diploma of Management
Class Code: BM110 A
Subject: Workplace Effectiveness
Evidence Technique: Individual Oral Presentation
Assessment No: 2
Weighting: 30%                                                                     Marked out of:  33
Trainer Name: Sue Cameron
Competency Titles: BSBWOR502B – Ensure team effectiveness


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