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Sustainable Management Futures Assignment

The!innovative drivers!of!electronic!logistics!marketplaces!(ELMs)!and!its!impacts!on logistics providers


Briefly explain the objective for your research: what are the research questions that you hope to answer, or what are the research outcomes you hope to achieve?

  1. How!to!select!the!suitable ELMs!business!models!for!organizations?
  2. What!are!the!benefits!of!implementing!ELMs!in the!eLmarketplace?
  3. How!to!maintain!a!sustainable!development!for!a!collaborative!EM?

List the three most relevant keywords that are applicable to your research

  1. Electronic!logistics!marketplaces
  2. Logistics!providers
  3. Closed!systems

If you have developed your proposal from one of the mini Dprojects given in the directory, please include the reference number here, otherwise leave this box blank.

Research’Method(s) (250words maximum)
Explain which method(s) you will use in the conduct of your study, with appropriate justification for the selection.

The analysis of research will delivery by case study and secondary data. The case study approach defined as the qualitative research and may involved with the process of a questionnaire to get information. Due to the fact that the research related to the concept of electronic logistics marketplace which lack of the practical data to illustrate, therefore, the secondary data could find through the databases, for example, the annual report, academic journal and online resource. The data could be easy find through internet database and the variety selection is available to compare and contrast. However, the uncertainty may involve in collecting data for the case study because the sensitive data could not be found and shared of organization.

Envisaged’data’source(s)'(100$words maximum)

Clearly explain the source(s) of data for your dissertation

Based on the case study and secondary data collection are the research methods, the source of data refers to the annual report or society report of organizations in continuous years. In addition to this, Covisint and Elemica would be selected because its impact of logistics due to the integration platform of internet resource. The secondary data will!assist the illustration of the conceptual model from academic resource from internet database.


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