Cardiovascular Nursing

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Assessment Instructions

Assessment Task 1: Essay

Task description

This assessment requires you to write an essay exploring one of two topics related to cardiovascular or thoracic conditions. Choose from one of the following two topics to write your paper, responding to the directions below each topic.

Topic 1

Social determinants of health (SDoH), which encompass the economic, social, environmental, cultural and psychosocial factors that
influence health, play a significant role in the development of cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors and CVD morbidity and

Discuss the role of cardiovascular nurses in removing barriers to equitable and culturally safe cardiovascular care.

Or select

Topic 2

Chronological age is not a predictor of health; current pre-assessments for cardiac surgery or procedures may be limited in their ability to predict outcomes in older, frailer Australians. combination of frailty and cardiovascular disease (CVD) impacts on patient’s prognosis and recovery.

In your essay, explore the management and the role of cardiovascular nurses in frail patient’s recovery from acute cardiovascular events, cardiac surgery or procedures.

Once you have chosen your topic, write a 2000-word essay that critically evaluates your topic using evidence-informed literature.

Develop arguments for and against the main issues. You should use a selection of contemporary literature on the topic (at least 10-15 peer-reviewed journal articles) to explore your topic in depth. Recommendations on questions to address in your essay are provided in the Assessment Resource folder in MyLO.

When preparing your arguments, reflect on how your chosen issue applies to your clinical practice. Critique your nursing practice and consider how the knowledge generated from your research will impact your future nursing practice and how this will benefit patient care.

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