Security and Strategy

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Health System, Policy and Financing Three Essays

Task 2: Essay

Write a 1,500-word essay in response to the following question:

Illustrate the differences between traditional and non-traditional approaches to security through a brief analysis of a pressing challenge in contemporary international politics.. Your answer to this question should form the central argument of the essay. In answering the question, you are expected to closely read and think about the topics covered in the first few weeks of the trimester, and to arrive at a thoughtful and well-reasoned assessment about how different scholars understand threats to security.


What the Assessor will be looking for when marking this assignment:

  • Does the essay have a clear central argument stated in the introduction?
  • Is the essay sufficiently critical? Are counter-arguments addressed?
  • Are the conclusions fully supported by the evidence?
  • Is the essay structure sensible and logical?
  • Have the most appropriate sources been used? Have online technologies such as the Library’s databases been used to find the most appropriate sources?
  • Are the style, grammar and general use of English adequate?
  • Is the essay properly referenced?
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