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Global Brand Management

Introduction Branding is the strategy of marketing that is used by various business organizations and companies for differentiating all the products in their product line from similar products from the competitors. It is very crucial for the business organization that happens to lack any kind of promotional resources from leading competitors (Anwar, et al., 2011). When any product of any business organization has any unique name, image, or appearance, it facilitates the customers to get the prod..Readmore

The Impact Of The Recent Global Financial Crisis On MNE Financing Sample

Abstract Gaining access to capital continues to be among the most significant barriers and issues for the evolution of growth and survival of the multinational enterprises, mostly innovative ones.   The issue is very strongly impacted by the global economic and financial crisis as multinational ente..Readmore

Reflection Essay

Introduction: The development of ethical boundaries in the business environment has also been accompanied by the proliferation of novel avenues in the discussions regarding the realization of ethics in layoff processes. The critical reflection on the debate presentation enabled me to reflect compreh..Readmore

Individualism and Collectivism

Introduction As various organizations are transforming into teams for the improvement of innovation and the entire world expanding and becoming more inclusive regarding culture, the requirement of individuals who have talent and skills for working in the diverse teams culturally is rising regularly...Readmore


Executive Summary -  In this case, study helps to find the objectives needed to achieve the goals in term of increasing the productivity of Maine Bank. The research data and information of Australia Maine Bank reveals that there needs some modification of technology development in order to succeed t..Readmore


Introduction: The inferences stated in the context of organizational management research activities are inclined towards understanding the diversity and complexity perceived in organizational culture and climate. While there have been substantial debates regarding the definition of culture and clima..Readmore

Applicability of Hofstede’s cross-culturally study model in Individual countries (Multinational firms)

Introduction  The world has been becoming integrated at an increasing rate. This has led to the use and application of the word “globalization” or “global” in the management disciplines right from marketing to managerial economics to the management of information systems. Globalization has posed sig..Readmore