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EB3803/BI3001 – Assessment One - Individual Report

1) Recognized and explain the factors that have limited local law enforcement efforts against digital crime.

Loss of data

As a result of legal developments like the GDPR, authorities may be disallowed access to this information or have restricted access to information as part of a terrorist investigation. Growing technology advancements and internet usage also present a problem to the legal system. Enforcing the law, bringing in massive amounts of information from which it is hard to see a pattern of a certain user Criminals also utilize encrypting to prevent embarrassing data from entering the system. The use of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, on the other hand, puts the power of law enforcement in the hands of the offenders to transact the illegal proceeds in complete privacy.

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Loss of location

While encrypting, cryptocurrency and other methods such as the deep web or cloud-based can lead to information leakage, they also make it difficult for enforcement to determine the physical address of offenders, unlawful infrastructure, or technological evidence. This complicates sovereignty issues and makes determining who is accountable for researching information challenging.

  1. Explain and identify the best practices for the collection, preservation, transportation, and storage of electronic evidence.


All steps in the process of identifying, collecting, packaging, transporting, and storing forensic evidence should indeed be meticulously documented. Before packaging digital evidence for transfer, first investigators can make absolutely sure that almost all digital evidence is fully documented, identified, labelled, filmed, videotaped captured or modelled, and catalogued. All links and associated devices should indeed be labelled so that the system can be easily reconfigured afterwards. Furthermore, digital evidence sometimes includes latent, trace, or biological evidence, which must be preserved appropriately. Before doing latent, trace, or biological evidence procedures on the proof, digital evidence recording should really be performed. Confirm that all digital evidence is stored in such a way that it cannot be twisted, scraped, or otherwise damaged. All boxes used to handle and preserve digital evidence should be clearly labelled.

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Magnetic fields like those created by radios transmitters, loudspeaker magnetism, and magnetism mount lights flashing should be steered separately from digital evidence. Seat warmers and any equipment or substance that can generate static electricity are some other potential dangers that the very first reaction ought to be cautious of. However, in another way, digital evidence can be harmed or destroyed by extremes of heat, cold, and humidity. 


Make sure the digital evidence is collected according to the institution’s standards. Ascertain that the digital evidence is kept in a safe, weather patterns atmosphere or in a place that is not prone to warm temperatures or humidity. Verify that the digital evidence is not damaged or destroyed by an electromagnetic field, moisture, dust, vibrations, or any other components.

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  1. Importance of chain of custody as it relates to computer crime?

It’s critical to keep the chain of custody intact in order to protect the evidence’s authenticity and avoid contamination, which can change its status. The information produced in court may be contested and deemed invalid if it is not stored.


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